Nirbachita Bhoutik Galpa by Various Famous Authors PDF

Nirbachita Bhoutik Galpa by Various Famous Authors PDF.

Book – Nirbachita Bhoutik Galpa (Selected Ghost Stories),
Authors – Various Famous writers and Poets,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 12 MB,
Book Pages – 251,

Nirbachita Bhoutik Galpa by Various famous Authors

Various Famous Authors notable ghost stories placed in the book of Nirbachita Bhoutik Galpa.

The book Nirbachita Bhoutik Galpa (Selected Ghost Stories) has been written by eminent Bengali writers. Who doesn’t love to hear and read ghost stories? Especially children and teenagers are very anxious to hear ghost stories. Even a few days ago, the adults of the house used to listen to the stories of various funny ghosts of children and teenagers and the children used to sit in a circle and listen to the stories of all those funny ghosts. When they heard the ghost story, they would sometimes tremble, their bodies would tremble, and they would listen attentively until the end of that thrilling story with joy and interest. From time immemorial, we have seen the demand for reading books on various ghost stories among adults and teenagers. And it is still maintained. In this modern age, especially in the digital age, ghost books are still read.

Prominent writers have written ghost stories in different countries of the world as well as in India at different times. Although there are various opinions and arguments about the existence of ghosts, various writers of the world have written thrilling stories about ghosts. One question that anyone can ask right now is, why is there so much fuss about unscientific things in the age of science?

The answer, he wrote in the preface to a story by the venerable writer Narayan Gangopadhyay, who found a place in this collection – “The existence of ghosts is useless in the eyes of scientists. Spiritual existence is embroiled in various doctrines like God – there is no shortage of believers, atheists, skeptics and agnostics. Simply put, ghosts have no place in the world of reason. To believe in ghostly existence and ghosts is to go blindfolded in the Paleolithic primitive age. Today there will be no more arguments with those who are atheists in the supernatural. The ultimate solution is to fight back and forth.”

Yet everything remains a ‘but’ or ‘question mark’ in the scientific theory argument. Some questions arise – the answers do not match. This does not mean that their answers will never be found. Maybe a scientist will solve everything for sure one day. But until it happens, some strange events start moving our minds in various ways.

We have been seeing for centuries that not only Bengali literature but all over the world these ghost stories have enriched the literary treasury. It seems that there will be no ghosts but there will be ghost stories in the future.
So for the lovers of literature, this webpage highlights the thrilling ghost stories written by some selected famous writers of that juice. So the naming of the book is a compilation of essays by various famous authors with selected ghost stories.

Below are the names and stories of all the notable poets and writers who have found a place in this book ‘The Story of Selected Ghosts‘.

  • OKutobhoyata (Fearlessness) is written by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.
  • The story Bhooter Bari (Ghost House) has written by Trailokyanath Mukherjee.
  • Bhooter Golpo (Ghost Story) is written by Upendrakishore Roychowdhury.
  • Poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote ‘Nishithe’.
  • Dinendra Kumar Roy has written Utpeeriter Protihinsa (Revenge of the Oppressed).
  • Prabhat Kumar Mukherjee has written Ekti bhautik Kahini (A Ghost Story).
  • The story ‘Sarvanashini’ is written by the author Panchkari Dey.
  • Narak Express ‘Hell Express’ is written by Saurindra Mohan Mukherjee.
  • Mahesher Mahajatra (Mahesh’s great journey) – wrote Parashuram.
  • Konkal Sarathi (Skeleton Charioteer) – Written by Hemendrakumar Roy.
  • ‘Hartaner Golam’ – Written by Manilal Gangopadhyay.
  • Gangadharer Bipad (Danger of Gangadhar) – written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.
  • Kolkatar Galite (In the streets of Kolkata) – wrote Premendra Mitra.
  • 10 number Barir Rahasya (The secret of house number 10) – wrote Shivram Chakraborty.
  • Daini – Written by Tarashankar Banerjee.
  • Daktarer Sahas (Doctor’s courage) – wrote Prabodh Kumar Sanyal.
  • Rakter Phota (Blood drops) – wrote Achintyakumar Sengupta.
  • Prete aur Manushe (Ghosts and people) – wrote Tushar Kanti Ghosh.
  • Mummyr Jibonta haat (Mummy’s Living Hand) – by Khagendra Nath Mitra.
  • Rater Atithi (Guest of the night) is written by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay.
  • Bhuture Kanda (Ghostbusters) – Written by Harinarayan Chatterjee.
  • Sathe sathe Ghurbe (Will turn around immediately) – wrote the author Pramath Bishi.
  • Bhuter Galpo (Ghost story) – written by Banful.
  • Buddhir Baire (Out of Wisdom) – Written by Narayan Gangopadhyay.
  • Trishna (Thirst) – wrote Ashutosh Mukherjee.
  • Gajendra Kumar Mitra writes: Bhuter choto adbhut Kanda ‘Strange deeds like ghosts’.
  • Ekhane Mrityur howa ‘Here is the wind of death’ – wrote Nihar Ranjan Gupta.
  • Uttar Sikkimer Boot Bangalo (Ghost Bungalow in North Sikkim) – Written by Samresh Basu.
  • Manoj Basu has written the ghost story ‘Lal Chul’.
  • Writer Bimal Mitra wrote Raat Takhan 11ta (It was 11 o’clock at night).

Readers and literary lovers will be able to collect the PDF file of the selected ghost story book from the web page and read it online.

The pdf file of Nirbachita Bhoutik Galpa (Selected Ghost Story Collection book).

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