Adhunik Europer Itihas by Goutam Neogi ebook pdf

Adhunik Europer Itihas written by Prof. Dr. Goutam Neogi.

The book Adhunik Europer Itihas (History of Modern Europe) is considered as the text of Calcutta University and Kalyani University.
Book: History of Modern Europe
Curriculum – The book is written as the third paper text of BA class.

Adhunik Europer Itihas (History of Modern Europe), the third paper is written by Prof. Dr. Goutam Neogi.

The author, Prof. Dr. Goutam Neogi, was a reader in the Department of Historical Sciences, Raja Peary Mohan College. He has also taught at Kharagpur College. He was associated with Medinipur and Darjeeling Government Colleges.

Calcutta University and Kalyani University both authorities have introduced new tri-annual undergraduate examinations. The Board of Studies has also prepared a new syllabus. The schedule has been approved by the Undergraduate Council and the Syndicate. According to the prescribed syllabus, this book is considered as the third paper of BA class.
But history also has history. The first syllabus is written in the history of modern Europe in a way that agrees with the modern perspective and is suitable for student life.
The administration of Calcutta and Kalyani University had to get considerable speed in approving this history schedule. Since it is composed as a new syllabus. The new curriculum focuses on the content of history as a whole, not just on political history.
Historical researchers on the history of Europe have been working in various fields, with different environments. In the light of recent research with that old information, the story of European history has been presented in a very simple and fluent language suitable for graduation, so that students can analyze the hairs of European civilization and fill their huge lack of knowledge about European history.
We are all aware that there is a dearth of books written in Bengali on the history of Europe. But there is no shortage of research books and textbooks on European history in English. Therefore, this book is written in Bengali language about various periods and events of European history.
Although written according to the prescribed curriculum of the university, some additional content has to be added in order to complete the discussion and do justice to the subject. In addition, for the convenience of the examinees, the episode based questions have also been mentioned at the end of the book.
The author, Professor Goutam Neogi, has published this book in Bengali with great care and a combination of various books on European history and has made it suitable for the students to practice. And is considered as the third year reading text of Kalyani University and Calcutta University.
The epoch-making events of European history and the renaissance of European civilization and the religious reform movement at that time are beautifully presented in this book. The second chapter of the book deals with the French Revolution and the social and economic background of the beginning of that revolution, what was the role of the French Revolution in the philosophy of that time.
What was the responsibility of the French monarchy and how did the mass movement arise from the progress of the revolution and the aristocratic revolt. Nice analysis of that. The book also discusses the various developments in the French constitution and the progress of the revolution, the reign of terror, the return of the National Assembly to the National Convention, and the emergence of the Fifth Directive at that time.
Chapter 3: – The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Reform of Internal Government and the Cause of Napoleon and his Revolution and Fall as Emperor are beautifully analyzed.
The book Adhunik Europer Itihas (History of Modern Europe) is especially popular among all classes of researcher including students, youth and professors and has become acceptable to all.
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History of Modern Europe PDF file.

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