Premik Guru by Bijay Kumar Sinha Hindi PDF

Premik Guru by Bijay Kumar Sinha Hindi PDF

Name of the Book – Premik Guru (Devotion and Practice) प्रेमिकगुरु – प्रमभक्ति ओर साधनापद्धति,
Language – Hindi,
Format – PDF,
Translator: Shri Bijay Kumar Sinha,
The first Bengali publication – 1912 (edit),
First Hindi publication, Nasik Purnakumbhmela – 2003 (ed.),

Author Bijay Kumar Sinha has translated the Spiritual book Premik-Guru into Hindi.

Paramakarunik Sri Sri Sri 108 Swami Nigamananda Saraswati With the blessings of Paramahansadeva Gurudev, his self-composed book Premik Guru has been published in the national language Hindi today. The first Bengali publication of this text was about 90 years ago, i.e. in 1399 BS (1912 AD). So far, the thirteenth Bengali version has also been received; But even after the usefulness of its promotion in the multinational language Hindi was reflected, it has not been possible till date. Published in Bengali and other languages. At the request of the readers of this book, to quench the spiritual longing of the Hindi-speaking readers, the author Nigmananda Saraswati has devoted Brahmacharya-sadhana, Yogiguru, Tantraguru, Jnaniguru, Vedanta-Vivek and Nigam to Paramahansa Deva. The source is for researchers and readers in India today. Known as a highly respected object nearby. Tantra, knowledge, yoga, love, etc. are objects of special merit for many of these donors.

Hopefully, like other books by the author, it will be able to attract the attention of Hindi speaking readers. Became enthusiastic in its Hindi publication. Srimadacharya Swami: This book was translated from the thirteenth edition of the original Bengali Premik Guru. It was translated into Hindi by Mr. Bijay Kumar Sinha (MA B.Ed), a teacher at Calcutta Hair School. At the same time, every effort has been made to work tirelessly and realistically so that there is no ambiguity in the translation. Then the teacher Brahmachari Brahmachaitanya (Swami Brahmashananda) Mahasaya also radically corrected it.

However, if any errors are found, the publisher will try to correct them in the next edition. However, Bharal-Dharmik readers will be blessed to accept only the meaning by eliminating all faults, this is what the publisher wishes.

Book Description :-
You, as the Guru, planted the first seed among these paramatmas. I have requested this book Premikguru Om for you as proof of how 4 fruits and flowers grow on a tree from the same seed.
One more thing – but the beggar himself does not have the courage to say that to Rajarajeshwari – you will not be satisfied if you do not worship this flower. Come on, sweetie! Manomoyi idol sit on my head, worship. May my love-flow be similar in the sea of ​​your love, may the dots meet in the Indus. Hey! Then I will call you dear.
Melt this stone with compassion and love. Come and accept my gift. Your love-beggar, Nalinikanta.

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Devotion to love cannot be attained in any other way except by the grace of this meditative imaginary Sri Guru. This same love Sindhu, by the grace of Deenbandhu Premik Guru, devotes full love to the deeds of other common people. The depths of love; The grace of the sage-guru is his only purpose. It cannot be achieved without the grace of the loving Lord and His devotees, and it is a farce to try to harmonize the principle of devotional love with the help of language. Therefore, in the discussion of absolute-devotional morning, the artificial swelling of vanity, emotion and language is often seen to happen now. But devotion is heartbreaking – so the heart of the wise rejoices and the heart of the sages rejoices when they hear the word of devotion and the heart of the devotees dances.

How can a writer express such devotional material – devotional?

By the grace of whom he has been able to move his legs, he is silently speechless, by his grace the writer has been able to write Premik Guru. The beautiful part of this book is the beauty of Shyamsunder, and the worst part is the sigh. My own heart. God, devotion and devotees are of the same nature.
Sutrama bhakti is always as perfect as God. If that perfection of devotion is not developed in this text, then it is the fault of the author. Although there are different types of discrimination like Artha-Bhakti, Bhava-Bhakti, Param Bhakti etc., Bhakti-theory is basically the same. Devotion is also divided into different names according to the name of each stage of the progressive state of the devotee, from the pursuit of devotion to the attainment of love. Yet love is the ultimate goal of the only devotee. In this book, we have also opened the context of Asamardhva-Prem-Madhuryalav and Tadbastha respectively. From this ritual of Bhakti Bhakti, we have not abandoned any part of Prem Bhakti. In today’s Vaishnava society, various types of spiritual pursuits are prevalent, all of which have been criticized in this text. Because the book has to be made useful to the general public. There is no possibility of filling all the gaps if only one pure path is revealed. Only human talent. There is little expectation that the general public will be biased by different types of nature and information. Most customers will have to go back to having the same size shirt in the store, but yes, one can bring two in one body.
For this, they have revealed the secret of their pursuit by thinking of a way for each community of the devotee society. Vaidhi and Ragasmika have been equally criticized for this general devotion. The secrecy of the Gaudiya community, the slavery of the Rapanuja community, the benevolence of the Bhaluvachari community, the simplicity of the Westerners, the different expressions of the different communities and the means have been taken with equal respect. The author criticizes the classical and non-verbal path of Bhav Sadhana, the legal and illegal path. Evidence of many branches and discourses and phrases of scholars and devotees have been collected in this book.

At the end of writing this book, the author saw an advertisement signed by eminent Goswami and Vaisnavas from Vrindavan, Puri, Calcutta, Navadwip etc. This means that, “Fools are increasing adultery in the society by taking suras and beauty in the name of Tantric and Vaishnava beliefs. Vaishnavism has no purpose in any of the means of the Gaudiya Vaisnava community; The Sutras who take the help of Vaishnavism in their spiritual pursuits, the Tantrics and the solitary ones have flooded the country with adultery, what kinds of iniquities are happening in the name of religion; The request of the best people of Vaishnavism to suppress it is commendable. But in the interest of truth, the writers are forced to say that they have tried to hide the truth without any legitimate means. Undoubtedly, without the help of devotees and gopis, those who seek the path of raga can reap the benefits of gopyanugatmaya bhakti. Love and devotion can be attained without the help of sure in the path of spiritual pursuit; But aren’t all the devotees who have taken refuge in spiritual pursuits, knowing this, Vaishnavas? Vaisnavachuramani Joydev, Vidyapati, Chandidas and Vilvamangala Thakur etc. will not be considered as Vaishnavas to the Goswami of Gaudiya community?

Because of these, many have illegally accepted the truth and pursued spiritual pursuits with laundry and prostitution; How can he be a Vaishnava girl from an adulterer? But even if the heart enters into the poem of Karnakuhar due to emotion, the heart vibrates in a new melody, the swing of melody opens in the heart. Shri Gaurjagadeva, the founder of the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect, used to listen with devotion.

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PDF file of the book Premik Guru.

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