Harivamsha Purana Mahavarata by Beda Vyas

Harivamsha Purana Hindi ebook PDF (supplement to Mahavarata).

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Harivamsha Purana (Supplement to Mahabharata) by Sri Vyasa Deva

Harivamsha Purana (supplement to Mahabharata) ebook PDF.

The Hindu Scripture Book Harivamsha Purana (supplement to Mahavarata) was written by Shreeman Maharishi Beda Vyas (बेदव्यास, Vyasa Deva or Krishna Dwaipayana). He was born in an island of Yamuna at Kalpi according to Vishnu Purana. His father was Parashara and the name of mother was Satyavati. The old book is most important to all hindu region.

He was a most famous author for his written Mahavarata. He was written the Brahmavaivarta Purana and the most famous book the Brihat Vishnu Purana also. The Harivamsha Purana is the portion of Mahabharata. It was written in Sanskrit literature with containing 16374 Shlokas. The Harivamsha Purana is divided into two part and had 12000 verses. We found in 19 century various parts of India included in three portions known as pravas the Adi Prava, The Vishnu Prava and Bhavishya Prava. The above all Prava are included with the 18 pravas of the Mahabharata.

Now Harivamsha Purana is available in two editions and the above three Portions. This three books are largely dedicated to God Krishna, described as the eighth in carnation of Hindu deity Vishnu.

Readers, Harivamsha Purana (supplement to Mahavarata) is the most important book of Hindu religious. You can collect and read the Hindu Scripture Book Harivamsha Purana as PDF ebook from this page below.

Harivamsha Purana ebook PDF.

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