Mahabharat by Rajshekhar Basu PDF

Rajshekhar Basu was edited the Holy book Mahabharat PDF

Book – Mahabharat (Bengali),
Edited by Author – Rajshekhar Basu,
Genre – Religious Book, Holy Book,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 35 MB,
Book Pages – 704,

Mahabharata Edited by Rajshekhar Basu

Rajshekhar Basu edited the religious book Mahabharat Bengali ebook PDF.

Maharishi Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vedavyasa was composed the scripture book Mahabharata. It is the largest ancient scripture of Hindus. According to historians, Mahabharata is one of the oldest religious texts. It is the largest book of scriptures in the world. Also considered one of the greatest epics of ancient Indian literature and culture. It is also known as the largest and one of the most epic scriptures in the world.

Speaking about the Mahabharata, the poet Rabindranath Tagore mentioned in a place in his book “Bharatbarse Histika Dhara”, “Maharshi Sri Krishna Dvaipayaan Vedavyasa united all the popular beliefs of the Arya Samaj. He also united with it all the beliefs, arguments and character principles prevalent in the Arya Samaj.” He erected a great statue of the totality of a nation in one place. He named it Mahabharata. It is not a history written by any particular person, it is a natural history written by a nation”.

“The history described in the Mahabharata is the history of the revolution of human society. Perhaps the great poet, using the memory of a small provincial event, dreamed of a great revolution of the human society in the tomb of your painting, and he painted the picture of the great battle of religion with the religion of that dreamy great revolution for the education of the future era” – Ramendra Sundar Tribedi (his wrote the saying in the book ‘Mahakavya Lakshmana’).

Who was King Kuru in Mahabharata?

The Mahabharat is called the Samhita i.e. the collection of scriptures and the scriptures of the fifth Veda. The Mahabharata was compiled by collecting all the fragmentary narratives and traditions that were prevalent in ancient times. All the philosophical references in the Bhagabad Gita are the subject of study for the spiritual student. For archaeologists, the Mahabharat is an inexhaustible treasure trove of information about ancient society and ethics.

Moreover, what were the ancient ideas about geographical issues, animals, life afterlife, etc., is known from this book. Although there are many poets, Mahabharata is not called epic, this book is popularly known as history.

Mahabharata Katha is a strange amalgamation of normal and abnormal matters. As we read, we feel as if we are in the presence of a strange dreamy people. There is free association between gods and humans. The sages practiced penance for thousands of years and were sometimes crushed by the nymphs, compared to whom the biblical Methuselah was a young child.

Who wrote the Mahabharata?

The Mahabharata, which is a major part of the Kurupandav narrative, has not lost its charm even in the stress on Prakriti. Conflicts of normal human character, dramatic events, simplicity and intrigue, mercy and cruelty, forgiveness and revenge, magnanimity and baseness, wanton action and pleasure are all found in abundance. There is also no shortage of what is now called psychology, the contingencies and complicated romances of the men and women in the story.

Who was the first pantheist?

According to ancient Pantheist scholars who believed in the Shastras, the Kurukshetra war was around 3000 BC and the Mahabharata was composed sometime after that. According to European scholars, the original texts were composed between the 4th and 5th centuries BC. Many parts were added to it even after the birth of Christ. According to Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay the date of Kurukshetra battle is 1530 or 1430 BC. Again according to Tilak and most modern scholars it is around 1400 BC. Bankim Chandra writes in ‘Krishna Charitra’ that the original Mahabharata was composed shortly after the war, so there is no reason to oust it.

Author Rajasekhar Basu has translated the original Mahabharata in a condensed form (summary) while retaining the style and characteristics of the original Mahabharata parts. Writer Raj Shekhar Bose has edited the book keeping in mind that readers can easily read and understand Mahabharata.

The original Mahabharat was composed by Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vedavyasa. Mahabharat religious book PDF file for readers is provided in this web page. Readers and religious book lovers can collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read it online.

Mahabharat edited Rajasekhar Bose PDF.

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