Charyapada by Atindra Majumdar PDF

Charyapada by Atindra Majumdar Bengali ebook PDF.

The name of the book – Charyapada (Bangla Kabya O Sahitya Porichoy),
Author – Atindra Majumdar,
Genre – Historical Book,
The format of the book is – PDF,
Book Page – 6 MB,
PDF Size – 196,

Charyapada written by Atindra Majumdar

Author Atindra Majumdar has written the book Charyapada.

Charyapada (Bangla Kabya O Sahitya Porichoy) is a valuable book of Bengali literature written by writer Atindra Majumdar. In this book, the author has published the discussion of modern Bengali poetry from Charyapada in small and big four volumes in Bengali poetry introduction bibliography. Author Atindra Majumdar has published three more volumes of Charyapada.

In these three volumes Vaishnava Padavali and Mangal Kavya discuss the founding poets of modern times from Ishwar Chandra Gupta to Madhusudan and Rabindranath Tagore. Charyapada is a supremely brilliant astrologer at the birth of Bengali poetry. But unfortunately, the common readers do not show much interest except university students in reading this book. The author has not published this Charyapada as a scripture, he has tried to analyze the elements of Bengali linguistics extensively.

Why famous the oldest story Charyapada?

Charyapada have brutal importance towards scriptures or linguistics, but Charyapada and Bengali lyrics are prototypes that is why we have to think about the poetic value of Charyapadas and need discussion and criticism. In this book, the author has given most importance to the poetic roots of Charyapada in general, apart from the spiritual and linguistic importance of Charyapada. He also mentions in the appendix the revised text of the Charja song, the translation of modern Bengali, the meaning and annotation of some words, and a short glossary.

The author Atindra Majumdar has written this book for general readers and students, especially to the general readers, so that interest becomes expressive, he has become as focused as possible in the writing. He has written this book to encourage and interest everyone about ancient Bengali poetry.

Where founded the Charyapada (Bangla Kabya O Sahitya Porichoy) Book?

The author Atindra Majumdar has taken into account the writings and opinions of his successors while writing this book. Especially Dr. Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay, Dr. Niharranjan Roy, Dr. Sukumar Sen, Prof. Manindra Mohan Bose etc. have collected and mentioned the works of famous Bengali literature writers.

Moreover, many writers and experts advised and assisted him in various ways during the writing of this book, among them the writers Premendra Mitra, Narayan Gangopadhyay, Nirendranath Chakraborty are particularly notable personalities. The honorable historian of Bengali literature Haraprasad Shastri founded the Charyapada book from the Royal library of Nepal’s king on 1907.

Who founded and from the Charyapada Book?

So this Charyapada (Bangla Kabya O Sahitya Porichoy) book pdf file is provided on this web page for the readers. Students, researchers and readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and can read it online.

Charyapada book PDF file

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