Ishwar Gupta Rachanabali Edited by Shanti kr Dasgupta and Haribandhu Mukhti

Ishwar Gupta Rachanabali has edited by Shantikumar Dasgupta and Haribandhu Mukhti.

Title of the book – Ishwar Gupta Rachanabali (Vol. 1 & 2),
Edited by – Shantikumar Dasgupta and Sri Haribandhu Mukhti,
Book Format – PDF,
Poet- Ishwar Chandra Gupta,
PDF Size – Volume -1 (16 MB) Volume -2 (20 MB)

Ishwargupta Rachnabali has edited by Shantikumar Dasgupta and Haribandhu Mukhti.

The form of the eternal problem of the common people of Bangladesh, who expressed it in their own language many centuries ago, is the debut of the great poet Ishwar Chandra Gupta’s valuable works Ishwargupta Rachnabali – the first volume and the second volume were published too late but are still facing readers and consumers.

The works of the poet Ishwar Chandra Gupta are almost extinct today. Ordinary readers do not read his poetry easily anymore. Most of his writings are scattered scattered in the Sangbadprabhakar magazine. Due to lack of preservation, various issues are being destroyed. As a result, one of the invaluable resources of Bengali culture is on the verge of extinction. In a few places, some of its numbers are still obsolete.
Bankimchandra has described the poems of Gupta Kabi as Mother’s Prasad. So he started collecting prasad of this mother. Literary emperor Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay has put the glory of an authentic Bengali poet on his forehead. Sadly, today the writings of that poet Ishwar Chandra Gupta are sinking into the abyss of memory.

Many sincerely believe that Ishwar Chandra Gupta was a skilled writer. He lived in this dharadham for only 47 years. But Ishwar Gupta’s contribution to Bengali literature was not only insignificant, but he was also the literary guru and inspirer of talented young writers.

Poet Ranjan Ramprasad, Poet Gunakar Bharatchandra, Ramnidhi Gupta, Ram Basu, Rashi Singh, Haru Tagore’s Poems, Poets and Poets. Has done.
This historical consciousness was first developed among the Bengali poets, the only God Gupta. If he had not engaged in this arduous task in that era, we would have been deprived of many valuable materials in the history of Bengali literature. For this Ishwar Chandra Gupta will forever be grateful to the Bengali nation.

The names of Ramprasad Sen and Bharat Chandra are the most memorable among the two poets whose biographies and works have been compiled by Ishwar Chandra Gupta. Ishwar Chandra Gupta has done great benefit to the general reader by publishing some obscure parts of Annadamangal and Vidyasundara written by Bharat Chandra with annotations. Ishwar chandra Gupta was a great Bengali poet of India. He was born in kanchrapara of North 24 pargana. He was Born on 6 March 1812 and died on 23 January 1859.

Therefore, we hope that this valuable work of Ishwar Chandra Gupta will be greatly appreciated by the readers.

The PDF file of the book is given on this web page with the readers in mind. Readers can easily collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read both 1 and 2 volume online.

Ishwargupta Rachanabali Vol-1 and Vol-2.

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