Shashanka Kabirajer Stree by Jagadish Ch Gupta ebook PDF

Shashanka Kabirajer Stree by Jagadish Chandra Gupta ebook PDF. 

Book – Shashanka Kabirajer Stree,
Author – Jagadish Chandra Gupta,
Category – Bengali Short Story,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Size – 3 MB,

Shashanka Kabirajer Stree by Jagadish Chandra Gupta

Author Jagadish Chandra Gupta has written the Story Shashanka Kabirajer Stree.

Shashanka Kabirajer Stree Story book was written in 1342 BS. Writer Jagadish Chandra Gupta was well known as one of the prominent writers of Bengali literature of that time.

He has written many novels, plays, stories and tales. Notable novels are – Asadhu Siddhartha, Mahishi, Dulaler Dola, Tatal Saikat, Nidrita Kumbhakarna, Laghuguru etc. The stories in Binodini’s famous story book are – Why I wrote the story, at the end of the day, the village crematorium, Annadar’s curse, Payomukham, the old servant, the thirsty soul, etc. Udayalekha is his famous story.

The author has written six stories in this book.

Shashanka Kabirajer Stree, Gyanankur, Rasavas, Apahrita Akashkusum, Samaptir Purba Porichhed and Taranga Hoite Tarange are the six stories in this novel.

One of the best of the 6 stories in this book is the wife of Shashanka Kabiraj. The author has written a personal life story of a Kabiraj in a family environment. The story has reached the end of the conversation in the meeting. It must be said here that Jagadish Gupta did not look at the world with a forgiving look like Prabhat Kumar.

Again he did not consciously import biology like Naresh Chandra. Spontaneously the influence of Freudian subconscious theory came into his stories. Its effect is not negligible in the text in question.

Collect his notable works given below.

Shashank Kabiraj, the protagonist of the story in question, married Indira for the second time after the death of his first wife, Voladashi Devi, at the instigation of his father and friends. After much hesitation and avoidance, Shashank Shekhar Gupta remarried. Although the apparent motivation of father and friends was predominant, in fact the short story writer has shown that Shashanka Kabiraj’s internal motivation for marriage was not less.

Although he sympathized with the newlyweds’ parents and did not want to marry Shashank Kabiraj for the sake of his dead wife’s jewelery, he got married for the second time. At the heart of marriage is the urge to protect the body and the satisfaction of biological scholarship.
That’s why he said I have a desire to get married. If not, it will not work – what to eat? At my age, some people never get married. 26 in total! But in the wrath of the planet I had to get married twice in one place.

Writer Jagadish Gupta, in creating a romantic contrast to the romantic juices, gradually came to the rescue of his character. Kalidasa was not satisfied with not painting Uma as Janani. Because we are more attracted to fruit vines than fruit vines. Our metallic bias towards him. We love Kumar’s mother more. Jagadish Gupta could not disbelieve in this fact in his normal human characteristics. So Shashanka Kabiraj’s wife Indira became pregnant after three months.

Readers will notice in the text of the story, the characters are distinguished in their own uniqueness even in the short range of short stories. None of them are extraordinary, but normal. Although not complete, it is not lame. Shashanka Kabiraj’s wife Indira did not play any active role in this story except cooking. However, much of the story has evolved around him. In Shashanka’s words we can recognize Indira.

So in answer to Navakumar’s question, Shashanka says, this is Indira who is generous. During the conversation with his friends, Indira became famous for her cooking process. Although Jagadish Gupta was rude, he could not deny the pure style of humor in this story.

As can be seen in the text of the story, a current of story has become end-oriented by uniting the beginning-middle-end in one thread. Nowhere in the reader’s curiosity is disturbed, the story has become interesting as the author’s conviction and the unity of the story is preserved.

So the PDF file of the book Shashanka Kabirajer Stree is given as a PDF file on this web page. Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and also read it online.

Shashanka Kabirajer Stree PDF file.

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