Jeeban Sangram by Jatish Ch Dasgupta PDF

Jeeban Sangram by Jatish Chandra Dasgupta Bengali story PDF

Name of Book – Jeeban Sangram,
Author – Jatish Chandra Dasgupta,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 4MB,
Book Pages – 184,
Genre – Bengali Story Book,

Jeeban Sangram story book by Jatish Ch Dasgupta

Jatish Chandra Dasgupta wrote the story Jeeban Sangram

The Jeeban Sangram human story book is written by writer Jatish Chandra Dasgupta. The struggle of human life, be it for survival and any struggle, is usually never easy. From the beginning of human life, the struggle for survival begins. We have been noticing it since time immemorial.

Even in primitive times, human society had to fight to survive in this world. Then they would go to different places in search of food in groups. Since then, group living begins. Food procurement was not easy in those days. Ferocious beasts often had to fall prey to beasts. It was easy to die. So primitive people started living in groups and solved any problem in groups.

At present that problem has been solved to some extent, but now the personal problem has greatly affected most of the people today. Each family is struggling to run the family. Sometimes there is a great storm in family life. Many are struggling to cope with the storm.

What About The current situation regarding the struggle for human life?

The current situation regarding the struggle for human life within the global social and political system is multifaceted and complex. Here are some key aspects:

Healthcare Access:

Disparities in healthcare access persist globally, with marginalized communities often facing barriers to essential services. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these inequalities, highlighting the need for equitable healthcare systems and access to vaccines, treatments, and preventive measures for all.

Political Instability and Conflict:

Many regions continue to grapple with political instability, armed conflict, and humanitarian crises, leading to loss of life, displacement, and human rights violations. Civil wars, authoritarian regimes, and geopolitical tensions contribute to these challenges, making it difficult for populations to live in safety and security.

Climate Change and Environmental Degradation:

The impacts of climate change and environmental degradation pose significant threats to human life. Extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and habitat destruction displace communities, disrupt livelihoods, and exacerbate food and water insecurity, particularly in vulnerable regions.

What is the current situation of human life struggle?

Social Injustice and Inequality: Persistent social injustices, including racism, sexism, economic inequality, and discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, continue to undermine human rights and dignity. Efforts to address systemic injustices and promote social equity are ongoing but face resistance and backlash in many contexts.

Technological Advancements and Ethical Concerns: Rapid technological advancements present both opportunities and challenges for human life. While innovations in healthcare, communication, and transportation improve quality of life, they also raise ethical questions regarding privacy, autonomy, and the equitable distribution of benefits and risks.

Global Cooperation and Governance: Addressing these complex challenges requires effective global cooperation and governance mechanisms. However, the rise of nationalist agendas, protectionist policies, and skepticism toward international institutions complicates efforts to achieve collective action on pressing issues such as public health, climate change, and disarmament.

Overall, the struggle for human life within the social and political system of the world is ongoing and requires sustained efforts to address root causes, promote human rights, and build more inclusive and sustainable societies.

The author has highlighted the problems of social life with a beautiful story in this book. To the readers this book will be accepted as another book. So the pdf file of the book is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Jeeban Sangram story book PDF.

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