Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa by Nitai Basu PDF

Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa by Nitai Basu PDF.

Book – Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa,
Genre – Edited Books, Romantic Story Books,
Edited by – Nitai Basu,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 11 MB,
Book Pages – 336,

Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa by Nitai Basu

author Dr. Nitai Basu has edited the novel Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa.

The romantic story book ‘Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa’ (The Selected Stories of Jyotirindra Nandi) has edited by author Dr. Nitai Basu. Writer Jyotirindra Nandi’s contribution to Bengali literature is inexhaustible. Genuine writing and soulful love are involved in each of his stories and novels. His contribution to Bengali literature is unique and an incomparable creation, which cannot be generally appreciated. Writer Nitai Basu has edited his Selected Stories and presented the real picture of his stories for the reading public.

Who edited the Bengali novel Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa?

Jyotirindra Nandi was one of the famous writers hidden in Bengali literature. He never wanted to go public. For long 50 years he wrote stories, novels but he was not associated with any group or literary center. Although his literary works were the subject of university research, he never appeared in any commercial institution or stage. His main objective was to present the stories of the adverse environment of human life to the human society through his writings. His writing has repeatedly impressed the reader. Author Nitai Basu published the book ‘Selected Stories of Jyotirindra Nandi’ by selecting the stories written by Jyotirindra Nandi.

When and why Jyotirindra Nandi got the prize Galpa Guccha of of Rabindranath Tagore?

Author Jyotirindra Nandi in his early life engaged himself in painting with paint and brush. Later he involved himself in literary work. He could recite well. He was gifted a collection of Rabindranath Tagore’s stories (Galpa Guccha) in wrappers when he was in the seventh standard. After reading this collection of stories, he became deeply attracted to Rabindranath Tagore. He stood first in the recitation competition at the school’s annual prize giving ceremony.

Why Jyotirindra Nandi was one of the famous writers in Bengali literature?

Jyotirindra Nandi loved to read poetry and it was while reading poetry that he entered the world of literature. He also loved to act. Rabindranath’s extraordinary skill in poetry and literature impressed him greatly. Lack of sexual consciousness is the main reason for the current social situation and the decadence and anti-social activities that the young society is heading towards today. He strongly believed in this. Sexual consciousness is inextricably linked with human life. And sexuality is related to education.

Because of lack of education, sexual consciousness becomes tasteless. The various stories of this lamentation of the present society became very bright in his writings. He beautifully sheds light on the subject in the story ‘Patang’. Moreover, in the story of ‘Chameleon’, various images of youth have emerged.

Moreover, he composed many nature stories. He was forever engaged with nature’s forms, juices and scents. His nature-based stories are read with curiosity by readers. In the story ‘Gach’, nature-centric special reports and their solutions emerge. The best sea-based stories in Bengali literature can be seen in his sea stories. Author Jyotirindra maintains a certain standard of human character analysis throughout.

So the Romantic story book Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa‘ (The Selected Stories of Jyotirindra Nandi) published on the famous Selected Stories of Jyotirindra Nandi is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of the famous Romantic Selected story book from this web page and read it online.

Jyotirindra Nandir Nirbachita Galpa Book PDF file.

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