Famous Books of Kazi Nazrul Islam PDF

Famous Books of Kazi Nazrul Islam pdf.

Author – Bidrohi Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam,
All Books Format – PDF,
Language – Bengali,

Famous Books by Kazi Nazrul Islam pdf

Rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam is a bright star of Bengali literature and one of the most talented poets. India was then subjugated. The public life of the people of India was poor at that time. Indians became vocal in the freedom movement to be freed from the shackles of subjugation. Civil life of the country is disrupted and extreme poverty occurs due to the misrule of foreigners. They continue to torture and oppress the citizens in various ways.

Nazrul Islam is the son of a very ordinary and other middle class family. He overcame a great struggle and many obstacles. He was very talented from childhood. The people of the country became fed up with the misrule of the British and revolted against them in various parts of India. Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote a famous poem on that rebellious spirit called ‘Bidrohi’.

Rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was born in what year and where?

And this rebellious poem was widely circulated among the masses and within a short time he became well known. The people of Bangladesh recognized him as a rebel poet. He directly joined the freedom movement and the agitating people to free the country from the chains of British misrule and subjugation. Through his writings, he inspired the countrymen. “Chal Chal Chal Urdha Gagane Baje Madal” – The song as soon as it was composed was wholeheartedly accepted by all the freedom movement citizens. Agnibina is the first poetry of Kazi Nazrul Islam. It was published on 1922.

Who is the national poet of Bangladesh?

In his personal life he suffered greatly. He joined work at a very young age due to the lack of financial stability of the family. He wrote many poems, stories, novels and songs. He was recognized as a national poet from Bangladesh. Although he was born in Churulia village in Burdwan district of West Bengal, India. He finally died on 29th August 1976 in Dhaka city after suffering from incurable deafness for many days. He was buried next to the mosque of Dhaka University.

Below are links to PDF files of poetry books and famous books.

1. Agnibina
2. Aleya
3. Agranthita gaan
4. Badhan Hara
5. Baner Bede
6. Bisher Bashi
7. Bulbul
8. Chakrabak
9. Chittanama
10. Chokher chatak
11. Ghumer Ghore
12. Jhar
13. Jhilimili
14. Juga Bani
15. Hena
16. Kuhelika
17. Madhumala
18. Maru Bhaskar
19. Mrityu Khuda
20. Nazrul Rachanabali -Vol-11, Vol- 12
21. Natun Chaad
22. Putuler Biye
23. Puber Howya
24. Prabandha
25. Proloy Shikha
26. Ranga Jaba
27. Rikter Bedon
28. Rudra Mangal
29. Rubaiyat-E-Hafiz
30. Shesh sougat
31. Sanchita
32. Sandhya
33. Sandhya Malati
34. Sarbahara
35. Samyabadi
36. Sindhu hindol
37. Sur O Shruti
38. Sur-saki
39. Nazrul Galpa Samagra

His poems, songs, stories and novels are recognized as unique works of Bengali literature. So the pdf files of his famous works and books are provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect PDF files of famous works of rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam from this web page and can collect them online.

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