Aloukik Rahasya 5 Part by Khirod Prasad Bidyabinod

Aloukik Rahasya Year 1-5 edited by Khirod Prasad Bidyabinod PDF.

Book/Magazine – Aloukik Rahasya (Miracle Mystery)  – Year 1 to 5,
Edited by – Khirod Prasad Bidyabinod,
Genre – Mystery Books,
Format – PDF,

Aloukik Rahasya by Khirod Prasad BidyabinodKhirod Prasad Vidyavinod has edited the Alaukik Rahasya year 1 to 5.

Alaukika Rahasya Year 1 to 4 are a collection of supernatural or paranormal works of famous authors and edited by author Khirod Prasad Vidyavinod. Heaven, hell, exorcism, etc., are all mocked by the wild imagination of a childish man or the perverse brainchild of a wind-diseased person. Hindu ceremonial duties like Sandhya, Vandana, Shraddha, Tarpan etc. are despised by many as the provisions of selfish and lazy people. In order to save the Indian culture and the world’s oldest traditional Hindu nation, the fundamental unity of physical science and spiritual science must be re-established.

Indian culture was pushed back or tried to push back by many people who valued the unprecedented modernity of Western science, but that tone has changed today. Western thinkers have been concerned with unraveling the mysteries of the supernatural and paranormal. As a result of their extraordinary enthusiasm and perseverance, all the mysteries that have been discovered and are being discovered, a new era is being seen in the world of science.

The main reason for revealing this miraculous mystery is so that Bengali readers can know about various theories. Moreover, to get a proper understanding of the classical cognitive information that has been presented. Western scholars admitting much effort to present to the common man the obscure mysteries of the past supernatural mysteries of all gross nature and the like, the authors have endeavored to bring them to the attention of Bengali readers in the form of various essays or books.

This book is not only following in the footsteps of the Western scholarly community. Tantradi, Vashikaran, Stambhaan, Uchhatana, Shastrottam Maran etc. various miraculous processes are still present in this country. The author tried his best to collect all those theories and mention them in this book. It goes without saying that horror stories, detective stories will undoubtedly delight the readers.

This life of man is not the last life. Just as a person discards a garment because it wears out and wears a new one, so after death a human leaves the gross body and assumes the subtle body and wanders in the subtle world.
This subtle world is again divided into several parts. Such as earth and heaven. Geography is again mainly divided into two peoples. That is Pretaloka and Pitrloka. Man first goes to pretloka, then ascends to pitrloka and finally moves to heaven. He lived there for a while according to the virtues and was reborn in the world. In a word, there are different levels of afterlife in Hindu scriptures.

The existence of the afterlife is self-evident and natural to the Hindu nation. But the strange pace of time! Whether it is because of religion or because of the influence of Western education, most Hindus today do not believe in the afterlife. Many people these days wait for logic and judgement. Now nobody wants to believe easily without seeing or knowing anything. Discussing how these arguments are refuted and justified, the author refers to foreign anecdotes. Mentioned the findings and observations of many learned, judicious, astute and scientific persons in countries like Bilat, America etc. The author has analyzed all these issues beautifully in this book.

Author Introduction:

Writer Khirod Chandra Bhattacharya was born on 12th April 1863 in a Brahmin family at Khardaha in the 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. He studied in the village during his childhood and passed the Higher Primary Examination in 1874. He then studied at Barrackpore Government School where his name was changed to Khirod Prasad Bhattacharya. In 1881 he passed the entrance examination under Calcutta University. After graduating from Calcutta University, he joined Chandannagar Duplex College as a chemistry teacher. Later taught at General Assembly Institution.

When Khirod Chandra Bhattacharya become as Khirod Prasad Bidyabinod?

During this time he adopted a different title Vidya Vinod. His long literary career began. He wrote many stories, plays, novels and poems. His professional career started with Shishir Bhaduri, Khirod Prasader Alamgir plays. Some of his notable plays are Alibaba, Banger Pratapaditya, Palashi’s Atonement, Rooper Dali, Ramanuja, Raghuveer, Historical Drama Ashoka, Kinnari, Bhishma, Mandakini Alamgir, Niyati, Ranjavati, Mythical Drama Nara-Narayana etc. He edited the famous supernatural mystery ‘Tales of the Supernatural’. He passed away on 4 July 1927 at Bankura.

All the paranormal ghost and detective stories mentioned in this book are listed in chronological order.

‘The Miraculous Mystery’ – Makhanlal Roy Chowdhury.
‘Marriage with Beloved’ – Agharnath Dutta.
‘Encounter with the ghost’ – written by Durgacharan Chakraborty ‘Vengeance of the ghost’ – written by writer Avinash Chandra Mukhopadhyay.
Dada M’shayer Jhuli is written by Malayanil Sharma.
‘Punaragman’ is written by Kshirod Prasad Vidyavinod.
Yamalay’s epistles were written by service travelers.
Brother and Sister – Makhan Lal Roy Chowdhury.
A modern phenomenon – Charuchandra Mukherjee.
Yamaduta is written by Srila.
Fakir Brahma Ka Rekh-Paar Menkh Martahai – Niranjan Mishra.
Upadevat’s obsession is written by writer Durgacharan Chakraborty.
The invisible help is written by the author Makhanlal Roy Chowdhury.
Ekkhani Patra – Guru Bhai of Yogananda.
The Vengeance of Ghosts – Abhinash Chandra Mukhopadhyay (after prior publication).
Rakhal Das Chattopadhyay wrote Chandipatha of Bhoot.
Visions or Mother’s Kindness – Written by Kalinath Mukhopadhyay.
Ghost’s Duty Knowledge – Written by Malayanil Sharma.
Ghost Debt Payment and Revenge – Dakshinaranjan Bandopadhyay.
The First Incident of Miraculous Mystery – Makhan Lal Roy Chowdhury.
‘Ghost Visions After Death’ written by Bhavabhuti Bhattacharya.
A Strange Death – Karthik Chandra Banerjee.
Bhootabesh – Rishikesh Shastri.
Ghost’s anger towards child – Brajendranath Banerjee.
Drama – Gyanendra Kumar Bose.
Paranormal Mystery ‘Sandipani’, ‘Strange Wedding’, ‘Ghost Love’ – Girijabhushan Chatterjee

Readers can collect and read Aloukik Rahasya Year 1 to 5 as PDF from this page.

Aloukik Rahasya – Year 1 – Collect and Read
Size – 42, Pages – 599

Aloukik Rahasya- Year 2 – Collect and Read
Size – 34, Pages – 480

Aloukik Rahasya – Year 3 – Collect and Read
Size – 40, Pages – 578

Aloukik Rahasya – Year 4 – Collect and Read
Size – 42, Pages – 572

Aloukik Rahasya – Year 5 – Collect and Read
Size – 33, Pages – 462

Aloukik Rahasya (Miracle Mystery) 5 Part all as PDF.

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