Manimala Story Book PDF by Lila Majumdar

Manimala story book by Lila Majumdar Bengali ebook PDF.

Book Name – Manimala,
Book Author – Lila (Leela) Majumdar,
Book Format – PDF,
Book pages – 165,
Book Size – 07 MB,

Manimala story book by Lila Majumdar

Lila Majumdar wrote the story book Manimala bengali ebook pdf.

Mrs. Leela Majumdar is a renowned writer from India. She is known as a common housewife. But she managed everything in the family works and became deeply involved in Bengali literature from the very beginning of her marriage. She was married to a doctor, but her husband helped her in every possible way, and never stopped her.

She wrote a lot of story, novels, delightful compositions, children’s comic books, cooking books. She has written a lot based on village life. Readers are always eager to read her books. When will her new book be published that they will read then.

Mrs. Leela Majumdar is well known as a famous writer in Bengali literature as a female poet. Her first published book was Baddi Nather Bari. Her second publication is Din Dupure. It was published in 1948.

She didn’t just write simple stories, she wrote detective stories and miraculous ghost stories. She has written funny funny stories for children. Her famous novels Shrimati and Chena Lanthan for the younger generation are still being accepted by the readers. She has written a biographical book on world poet Rabindranath Tagore.

She married Sudhir Kumar Majumdar in 1933. Her husband was a famous dentist. Her husband graduated from the famous Herbert Dental School in London at the time. Author Leela Majumdar was born on April 5, 1908 and died in 2007.

Readers collect some other notable works of Lila Majumdar

Her popular book Holud Pakhir Palak on the state award for children literature. the Sangeet Natak Academy Award for Bak Badh Pala. She got Rabindra Puraskar for her notable works Aar konokhane. She got also on the Suresh smriti Puraskar, Vidyasagar Puraskar, Bhubaneswari media for lifetime achievement and Anand Puraskar. She has been awarded the Desikottama from Visva Bharati, and honorary D.Litt. from Burdwan University, North Bengal University and Calcutta University.

Who is Lila and her notable works?

Her notable works are Holde Pakhir Palak, Tong ling, Makku Gama, Podi Pishir Bormi Baksho, Boddi Nather Bari, Din Dupure, Chhotoder Srestha Galpa, Manimala, Batas bari, Shob Bhuture, Pari Didir Bor, Cheena Lonthan, Nepor Boi, Bhagyer Galpa, Bagher Chokh, Bhuter Bari, Ferari, Ei Je Dekha, Aar Konkhane, Shibur Dairy, Bak Dharmik, Basher Phul, Moyna, Shalikh, Taka Gachh, Lal Neel Deslai, Je Jai Baluk etc.

Readers can collect and read the story book Manimala from this page as pdf.

Manimala story book pdf.

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