Ayurveda Sangraha V-4 by D Sengupta PDF

Ayurveda Sangraha V-4 Debendranath Sengupta PDF

Book – Ayurveda Sangraha Vol-4,
Author – Kabiraj Debendranath Sengupta and Upendranath Sengupta,
Genre – Medical Book (Ayurveda Compiled Book),
Book Pages – 382,
Book Size – 16 MB,

Ayurveda Sangraha Vol-4 trans by Debendranath Sengupta Upendranath Sengupta

Debendranath Sengupta compiled the large medical treatise Ayurveda Sangraha Vol-4.

Major books on Ayurvedic medicine such as Kabiraj Upendranath Sengupta and Debendranath Sengupta’s Ayurveda Sangraha (Collection of Ayurveda) were not readily available before. Various deep topics are discussed in this book and covered in such simple language that Ayurveda doctors or subjects are able to penetrate even remote rural areas. The householder will need no help to prepare and procure the medicines, oils, ointments, lozenges and such Ayurvedic articles—so great is the compilation, and so comprehensive, so profound is his plan. Diagnosis-based treatment of each disease is analyzed in depth and comprehensively in this book. Again, mature and experienced doctors can easily prepare the precious metal medicines described in this book according to the disease.

Who compiled the largest collection of Ayurvedic medical books Ayurveda?

One of the most important parts of this medical book is the overall introduction to Ayurveda, anatomy, principles of Shlehamveda and Panchakarma, terminology and details on medicine. Apart from this, rules of patient care, neurology, diagnosis, treatment, quantities and proportions of products for preparation of medicines, dosage instructions are also carefully mentioned.

For the convenience of researchers, doctors, students and interested readers, the medical treatises of Kabiraj Debendranath Sengupta and Upendranath Sengupta Ayurveda Samra (Collection of Ayurveda) have been published in four volumes. Each volume of the Ayurvedic collection is in a sense self-contained. Attempts have also been made to reconcile the textual differences of the various versions to produce a correct text. We believe that the new edition of this Ayurveda collection will be useful for the reader and can easily diagnose the disease and select the patient’s diet.

So for students, researchers, doctors and interested readers this web page provides the PDF file of book ‘Ayurveda Collection – Volume 4’.

Ayurveda Sangraha Vol-4 Medical Books PDF File.

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