Premendra Mitrer Chotader Shrestha Galpo ebook pdf

Premendra Mitrer Chotader Shrestha Galpa ebook PDF.

Name of Author – Premendra Mitra,
Name of Book – Chotader Shrestha Galpa,
Type of Book- Story Book,
Book Pages – 108,
Book size – 3 MB,

Chatoder Shrestha Galpo by Premendra Mitra

Premendra Mitrer Chotader Shrestha Galpa ebook PDF.

Premendra Mitra was a renewed Bengali Poet Novelist, short story and thrillers writer in Bengal. He was born on 1904 in Varanasi, India. He was a great film director. He was also Bengal’s most famous practitioner of science fiction in its own language. His critique of humanity led him to believe that for it to survive, human beings had to forget their differences and be united. He got notable awards Sahitya Akademi for his written Sagar Theke Fera in 1957. He was also awarded Rabindra Puraskar (1958). Nehru award from Soviet Russia in 1976 and Padmashree for his writings. He was died on 2nd May,1988 in Kolkata, West Bengal. He was written various types of contents are Fairy tales, Fun stories, Science fictions, ghost stories, Novels, Rhymes and  teenager stories.

His most famous articles characters are Ghanada, Mejokorta, His poem books are Prothama, Somrat, Sagor Theke Fera, Harin Cheeta Chil, Kakhono Megh, Ananya, Khuda wanid. His most short story books are Ponchoshar, Benami Bandar, Putul O Protima, Mrittika, Ofuranta, Dhuli Dhusar, Mahanagar, Jal Payra, Shreshtha Galpa, Nana Range Bona and Nirbachita

His translated books are Adventures of Ghanada, Snake and other stories and Mosquito and Other Stories. These translated books are not actually written by him it is later has been translated by other Authors.

Today share to you the Chotader Shrestha Galpa by Premendra Mitra as ebook PDF from this page given below.

Chotader Shrestha Galpo PDF.

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