Bharat Gourab by Surendra Mohan Basu PDF

Bharat Gourab by Surendra Mohan Basu Bengali Rare Book

Book – Bharat Gourab,
Author – Surendra Mohan Basu,
Genre – Bengali Novel Book, (Rare Books),
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 16 MB,
Book Pages – 680,

Bharat Gourab novel by Surendra Mohan Basu

Surendra Mohan Basu wrote the rare book Bharat Gourab.

The novel ‘Bharat-Gourab’ is written by writer Surendra Mohan Basu. In this book, he has explained extensively how Bengali literature is famous in the world. Through this book, Pathak presented the continuous history of many famous people and most noble families of India to the society. He has elaborated various unknown facts and rare issues beautifully.

He wrote this book to inform the people of India and all over the world about Bengali literature and about the continuous history of Indian nobles, families and clans. Bengali literature is one of the languages and literatures among other Indian languages and literatures. This Bengali language has one day made India’s literature and its glory global. The name of India has reached the people of the world.

Who was the first to deliver Bengali literature to the court of the world?

In the first volume of the novel ‘Bharat-Gourab’ he has depicted the history and character of the prominent zamindar clan of Bangladesh. He has beautifully presented the history of the famous ‘Tagore Family’. Poet Rabindranath Tagore has also presented his life story with his predecessors. In the second volume of the book “Bharat-Gourab” the history of the famous zamindars of Bihar, Orissa and Chotanagpur has been presented. In the third volume of this book, he has presented the history of the genealogy of Indian princes step by step. In the fourth volume of this book, the author has reviewed the biographies of those eminent persons in whose glory the face of India has become bright and global.

How is the name of India involved in the history of the world?

As many of the past glories of India have disappeared due to the passage of time and natural revolution, it is now impossible to ascertain the truth of the incident. Such books are rare in Bengali language. The author has established the glory of India in the whole world through many great people and who have glorified the country with their skills, achievements and craftsmanship.

Which Indian was the first to receive the Nobel Prize in ‘Bengali Language and Literature’?

Let the world know that Bengali language has become global. The author has long labored to collect many rare biographies and genealogies. In this book, his effort to convey the glory of India’s glory to the whole world and its success has been revealed to some extent in this book.

The PDF file of the novel ‘Bharat-Gourab’ is provided on this web page to bring such rare books to the readers, writers and research community. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and can also read it online. Contact our contact page to collect the hard copy of the book.

Bharat-Gourab Bengali novel PDF file.

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