Annada Mangal by Bharatchandra Roy PDF

Bharatchandra Roy wrote the Annada Mangal Kavya PDF.

Book – Annada Mangal Kavya,
Author – Bharatchandra Roy,
Category – Religious Book
Book pages – 200
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 4 MB,

Annadamangal by Bharatchandra Roy

Bharat Chandra Roy wrote the Religious Book Annada Mangal Kavya.

Annada Mangala Kavya is a religious book written by author Bharat Chandra Roy Gunakar. The book Annada Mangal kavya is especially about Goddess Annapurna. He has described in various ways who the goddess Annapurna was.

King Krishna Chandra Roy of Nadia introduced the worship of Goddess Annapurna in Bengal at that time. He conferred the title of Gunakar on Bharat Chandra Roy for composing a poem on the greatness of the goddess Annapurna.

Poet Bharat Chandra was born in 1712 AD near Amta in Howrah district. He was the youngest of them all. His father got involved in a property dispute with the king of Burdwan and disrespected Rani Vishnu Kumari, the mother of Raja Krishna Chandra Roy. As a result, the king took away all his possessions. Bharat Chandra’s father then fled from there, in which case Bharat Chandra took refuge at his uncle’s house in Noapara. He studied Sanskrit at Tajpur, a village near his uncle’s house. At just 14 years old, he completed his Sanskrit lessons. While at house of maternal uncle, he married the daughter of Narattam Acharya of Sarada village.

The most notable work of Bharat Chandra is Annada Mangal which is also known as ‘Annapurna Mangal’. In 1752 he wrote this great book. This book is divided into three parts. In the first part of this book, he sheds light on the goddess Annapurna. The first book is known as Annada Mangal or Annada Mahatmya.

In the second part, he narrates the life story of Vidya and Sundar. The main story has nothing to do with Vidya-Sundar. The love story of Vidya and Kanchi prince Sundar has been narrated. Moreover, Goddess Kalika Mahatmya has been preached in this volume. The love story of Vidya and Sundar is known as Vidyasundarkavya or Kalikamangal.

The third and final part is the account of events in the life of Mansingh-I and Bhavananda Majumdar. The third or last part is called Annapurna Mangal or Mansingh. No ancient reliable text of Annada Mangal Kavya has been found in Bengali literature. Ishvarachandra Vidyasagar published two editions of the Annada Mangal Kavya in 1847 and 1853.

This book is still an invaluable resource in Bengali literature. Because the main feature of Annada Mangal Kavya is the skillful application of rhyme and rhetoric. Various writers and researchers of Bengali literature have praised his work. That is why the world poet Rabindranath Tagore commented on his poem, “Rajasabhakabi Raigunakar’s Annada Mangal-song is like the jewel of Rajkantha, as his brilliance is his work of art”. Authors of such books are really rare in Bengali literature. His profound erudition is reflected in the composition of this book, which has brought Bengali literature to a unique stage.

Writer Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay said that Annada Mangal kavya is the greatest poem of the eighteenth century. One of the most notable books in the whole of Bengali literature. The main purpose of the poet was to narrate the story of Maharaja Krishnachandra’s own achievement on the occasion of worship of Devi Annapurna and his ancestor Bhavananda Majumdar’s kingdom and title. The hidden purpose of the poet Bharat Chandra Roy was to describe how Goddess Annapurna bestowed grace on Bhavananda Majumdar and how Bhavananda got the kingdom and the title of King by worshiping Annapurna by Jahangir. But the poet has also described the mythological part of his work in a special way. Author Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay has made a beautiful analysis of this book in some parts of the third volume of his book ‘History of Bengali Literature’.

Also his notable work is the book Ras Rasmanjuri written by the author Vanu Dutta in Maithili which has been translated into Bengali under the same name. Nagasthak composed this bilingual poem in Sanskrit and Bengali.

His other notable works are Gangastotram, Chandi Natak, Satyanarayana Panchali written in Sanskrit. Readers can collect the religious poetry book Annada Mangal Kavya and read it online from this page.

Annada Mangal Kavya PDF

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