Jakhan Brishti Namlo by Mrityunjay Maity Bengali Novel PDF

Jakhan Brishti Namlo Bengali Romantic Novel by Mrityunjay Maity PDF. 

Book – Jakhan Brishti Namlo (যখন বৃষ্টি নামল),
Author – Mrityunjay Maity,
Category – Bengali Romantic Novel,
Format – PDF,
Book Size – 5 MB,
Book pages – 198,

Jakhan Brishti Namlo by Mrityunjay Maity PDF

Mrityunjay Maity wrote the romantic novel Jakhan Brishti Namlo.

Jakhan Brishti Namlo (When it rains) – the novel is written by the author Mrityunjay Maity. He was a prominent journalist and writer. The author was born in a village and most of his writings are village centered. This novel is a completely unique and basically village-centered love novel. Written in the style and style of the history of modern literature, this novel Jakhan Brishti Namlo is therefore not only a village-wide abyss, but also a great role in modern literature.

The village soil, the sunburned fields, the vast rivers, the procession of illiterate people, and in the meantime the deep love story, the solitary hint towards the great autobiography, bring a somewhat larger touch to the novel. Describing the natural beauty of the subject matter, the richness of character creation and the skill of plot construction, this novel is a respectable exception in the field of contemporary Bengali literature.

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The novel Jakhan Brishti Namlo was published in a puja issue of a magazine called Himadri a long time ago. It was later published in book form. The novel has some specialties. First of all its background and subject is village and farming. It started its journey from the rainless desert and ended in torment. Although it is a love novel, the author has highlighted the people of the village, farms, plants, river class consciousness and current politics. The silent and sweetheart who revolves around this novel is like the grassless desert of Boishakh. Healing elements in the rain.

In Bengali literature, there are probably not many or no novels about the life of a peasant, but about 80% of the population lives in rural India. They do not cover much of the neglected biographical literature that should have existed. Our current Bengali fiction is mainly city-centric and there is a lot of love for it. Rural life and big life have no place in it. He thinks that literature, no matter how realistic it may be, should extend its vision far and wide. There is an echo in this novel.
A play was aired on Akashvani Kolkata with elements of the novel Jakhan Brishti Namlo, titled ‘Brishti’. The play was produced by the venerable Birendra Krishna Bhadra.
Therefore, this book will be considered as a unique book for readers of all levels.

The PDF file of the Bengali novel Jakhan Brishti Namlo is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of this book from this web page and read it online.

Jakhan Brishti Namlo Romantic Novel PDF.

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