Shrestha Gitikabita Vol-5 Poetry Book by Shafiqul Islam PDF

Shrestha Gitikabita Vol-5 Poetry Book by Md. Shafiqul Islam in PDF

Book – Shafiqul Islamer Shreshtha Geeti Kobita Vol-5,
Author – Md. Shafiqul Islam,
Book Format- PDF,
PDF Size -755 KB,
Book Pages – 250,
Book Category: Poetry Book,

Shrestha Gitikabita Volume 5 of poet Shafiqul Islam PDF.

Book part- Two (Ami bhalo Nei Tumi Bhalo Theko and Bhule Jeyo, Tabu Bhalo Theko) Shrestha GitiKabita Vol-5 has been written by Shafiqul Islam. The two parts of poetry books have been assemble in this Volume. This Poetry book is a collection of songs actually. The two books are Ami bhalo Nei Tumi Bhalo Theko and Bhule Jeyo Tabu Bhalo Theko respectively have been assembled here. This poetry book Although written primarily for Poem, some songs have been composed and sung in it.

There are the poetic combination of happiness, hope-frustration, love-baroque, diverse emotions can be found in this book. Every person will find an echo of his untold words in this scriptures. The reader when will be reading and fill in mind that’s what I meant to say and then only reader will be find the readability of this book. Finally we will be saying this poetry book is very meaningful in present situation for this generation and also be next.

His some other notable works are given below.

Eai ghar Eai Lokaloy,
Tobuo Bristy Asuq (Thirst for Rain),
Srabon Diner Kabya (Song of Rainy Days),
Megh Bhanga Roddur (Sunlight on Cloud),
Dahan Kaler Kabyo (Verses of fiery Days)
Eai Ghar Eai Lokaloy
Ekti Aakash O Onek Brishti

Md. Shafiqul Islam is a Modern Bengali Romantic Poet in Bangladesh and also all Bengali regions. He is most popular in all youth and young generations. He is Ex Metropolitan Magistrate and Ex Additional District Magistrate, Ex General Manager at Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation, Now Deputy Secretary of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh.

He is a Poet & Lyricist of Bangladesh Radio and Television. He has Awarded Bangladesh Council Literature Award and Nazrul Gold Medal Award for his poetic excellence.

He has been Written so many romantic poetry books are Sulata Sudhu Tomar Jannyo, Eai Ghar Eai Lokaloy, Tobuo Bristy Asuq (Thirst for Rain), Shrabon Diner Kabyo (Song of Rainy Days), Megh Bhanga Roddur (Sunlight on Cloud), Dahan Kaler Kabyo (Verses of fiery Days), Shrestha Pratibadi Kabita, Shrestha Kabita, and Protoyee Jatra (Indomitable Journey).

Readers can collect  and read the book is Shrestha Gitikabita Vol – 5 from this page.

Shrestha Gitikabita PDF

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