Word and Sentence – two Perspectives: Bhartrhari and Wittigenstein Edited by Sibajiban Bhattacharya


Word and Sentence – two Perspectives: Bhartrhari and Wittigenstein Edited by Sibajiban Bhattacharya.Bhartrhari and Wittigenstein Word and Sentence two Perspectives by Sibajiban Bhattacharya

Bhartrhari and Wittigenstein Edited by Sibajiban Bhattacharya.

Fraternity (450-500 AD) has a unique position in the history of both the theory of grammar and general aggressive philosophy. He is the best presenter of ‘sphota’ theory and an outstanding writer on the philosophy of language. He wrote a commentary on on Mahabhasya of the Patanjali, a part of which is presently present. Fraternal verses are still very popular – in politics and ethics, Nishatakk, the profound love of voluntary love and the Vairagyasataka on the jewels. About the relationship between the most important thesis words and sentences in Bhartrhari. The word does not appear to convey the meaning of each word; The sentence of the entire sentence does not have a meaning that can be interpreted by the true meaning of the word. On the other hand, the meaning of the sentence is indivisible, but it can be interpreted by the meaning of the actual words that constitute it. Louis Witgenstein was born in Vienna, (1882-1951) one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century. Mainly known for his two books, Tractatus (1922) and Philosophical Investigation (1953). The best of his tractatus
Explains an synthesis of the truth- the function and the idea that language is a picture of reality. For widgetingsteine, the meaningful unit is not a word but a sentence. Although the word “brother-in-law of West” and “Witgenstein” is a public element in the meaning of the word, they talk differently about the presence and meaning of mentality in the meaningful use of the word. Both views, Wittgenstein’s rational and fraternal, are intrinsically verifiable. Similarly, in the context of Witgenstein, his openness is full of creativity and creativity in the point of view of brotherhood is in a pattern or frame and meaningful.

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Bhartrhari and Wittigenstein by Sibajiban Bhattacharya as pdf.
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