Kashidashi Mahabharat by Sudeb Ch Chattopadhyay pdf

Kashidashi Mahabharat by Sudeb Chandra Chattopadhyay pdf

Book – Kashidashi Mahabharat
Author – Sudeb ch Chattopadhyay
Genre – Religious Books,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 50MB
Book Pages – 917,

Kashidasi Mahabharat edited by Sudeb Ch Chattopadhyaya

Kashidashi Mahabharata edited by Sudeb ch Chattopadhyay.

The epic Mahabharata composed by Vedavyas was originally written in Sanskrit. It is one of the epics of ancient India. The battle of Kurukshetra, the lives of the Kauravas and the Pandavas and various incidents of civil strife between them are written. This Kashidashi Mahabharat epic book translated into various rhymes by Kashiram Das is edited by writer Sudeb Chandra Chattopadhyay.

This book is the eighteenth chapter of Mahabharata. The author has made many changes in the rhythm of the language at many places in this book and inserted some key events from the original book to a greater extent than other books on the market. That is why the size of the book has increased to a large extent.

Who composed the epic Mahabharata?

The author describes the brief biography of Kashiram Das in this book. There is no particular evidence as to the year in which Kashiram Das was born. The epic Mahabharata is basically a work arranged in the shape of a family and culture.

Kashiram Das works are more modern than the various works of poet Krittibas Ojha. Because the language of Krasiyam Das is in many parts elegant clear and simple as compared to the language of Krittivas and poet Konkan. Moreover, word discrimination is also seen a lot.

In short, this book will be considered as a unique book by the readers, so the PDF file of the book is provided on this web page and readers can easily collect the book from this web page and read it online.

Kashidashi Mahabharata book PDF file

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