Shri Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas Hindi PDF

Shri Ramcharitmanas Religious Book by Tulsidas Goswami Hindi PDF.

Book – Shri Ramcharitmanas (श्रीरामचरितमानस),
Author – Tulsidas Goswami (श्रीमद्रोस्वामी तुलसीदास),
Commentator – Hanuman Prasad Poddar (टीकाकार – हनुमानप्रसाद पोद्दार),
Genre – Religious Books,
Format – PDF,
Language – Hindi,
Pages – 1056,
PDF Size – 5 MB,

Ramcharitmanas written by Tulsidas Goswami Hindi

Shri Ramcharitmanas Religious Books in Hindi pdf.

Tulsidas Goswami written the Shri Ramcharitmanas in Hindi, which was compiled from the Ramayana wrote by Rishi Valmiki. And the commentator of this book is author Hanuman Prasad Poddar.

The place of Shri Ramcharitmanas is unique not only in Hindi literature, but in the literature of the world. Its pair is such an all-beautiful one, endowed with the characteristics of the best poetry, the one who tastes all the juices of literature, the highest class from the point of view of poetic art and ideal household life, ideal Rajdharma, ideal family life, ideal Pativrata Dharma, ideal Bhratri dharma along with supreme devotion, knowledge, sacrifice, Anyone else who teaches quietness and virtue, is equally useful for men and women, children, old and young, and above all.

The ideal human pastimes of the Saguna-corporeal God and the deep essence of His qualities, effects, secrets and love, in very simple, interesting and vivid words. The book was not only written in Hindi language, perhaps it was not written in any other language of the world till date.

This is the reason why people of all categories, poor-rich, educated-uneducated, householder-ascetic, women-men, children-old people, read this Grantharatra with as much enthusiasm as they do not read any other book, and as much devotion, knowledge, ethics and morality as possible. Publicity has been done in the public through this book, perhaps not as much has been done by any other book.

Who wrote Ramayana Valmiki or Tulsidas?

It is only natural for a book which has so much respect in the world, that many editions are printed and many commentaries are written on it. According to this rule hundreds of editions of Shri Ramcharitmanas have been printed till date. Hundreds of commentaries have been written on it. Hundreds of books related to Ramayana in different languages have arrived in our Gita library. By now it is estimated that lakhs of copies would have been printed. One or the other new version of it is seen every day and it definitely has one or the other specialty in comparison to other versions.

There is a lot of difference of opinion among the scholars of Ramayana regarding its reader, even in many places one or the other text difference is found in different versions in each chaupai. The number of variations found in this book are probably not found in any other ancient book. Even this proves its paramount popularity.

Which is the oldest Ramayana in India?

Apart from this, ‘Shri Ramcharitmanas’ is a beneficent and auspicious book for human life. Devotees revere every verse of the mantra mentioned in this book. By reciting each verse of the mantra of this book, many worldly and spiritual tasks of all are accomplished. Not only this, by reciting it devotedly and meditating thoughtfully on the teachings contained in it and acting according to them and thinking and chanting the sweet pastimes of God described in it.

The supreme effort in the form of salvation and even more so the love of God can be easily attained. Why not, the book which was composed by an ardent Bhagwad devotee like Goswami Tulsidas ji, who by the grace of Lord Shri Sitaram ji, after directly experiencing His divine pastimes, has described them in the true form, was actually by the order of Lord Gauri Shankar ji and on which the same God corrected with his own hand by writing “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”. It is not surprising that such a supernatural effect of his.

What is actual Valmiki Ramayana?

In such a situation, the more this supernatural book is publicised, the more it is studied and meditated upon, the more the world will be transformed – there is no doubt about it. In the present times, when there is hue and cry everywhere, the whole world is burning with the fierce flames of sorrow and unrest, there are killings in every corner of the world and thousands of human beings are being killed every day, property worth crores and billions is being destroyed for each other’s destruction.

Why did Tulsidas wrote Ramayana?

All the power of science is being spent, all the power of science is engaged in transforming the earth into a glory, the biggest brains of the world are busy in finding new means of destruction, Ramcharitmanas is being used to spread happiness, peace and love in the world and to experience God’s grace in life. Lessons and practice are absolutely necessary.

With this view, Geeta Press is organizing to bring out as many small and big as possible pure, authentic, cheap, illustrated and accurate versions of Manas like Gita. The couplets in this version have the same meaning as in ‘Mansadu’. We apologize to our knowledgeable readers for the mistakes in the text and meaning and offer God’s object to God’s service without any effect. Readers can collect the religious book Shri Ramcharitmanas as pdf from this page and read it online.

Shri Ramcharitmanas Hindi PDF by Tulsidas

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