Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Rachana Sambhar Volume 12 in Bengali

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Rachana Sambhar Volume 12 in Bengali.

Book Name – Ambedkar Rachana Sambhar Volume -12 in Bengali,
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Bengali ebook Ambedkar Rachana Sambhar Vol-12

The contribution of Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to the political and social history of India is now well known. But his thinking on the background of economic development remains in the special realization. In his realistic view of Indian currency and banking, the analysis holds a special place in the history of Indian economic valuation, Professor Edwin Kannan wrote in introducing Dr. Ambedkar’s specialty – “I do not share Mr Ambedkar’s hostility to the system nor accept most of his arguments against. Many would agree with this comment, but it hits some nails very squarely on the head. Even if Dr. Ambedkar does not support the views mentioned in this section, his scholarship and logic must be respected.

In 1923, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s book Mudra Samashya (Currency Issues) was published. Later he published the book with the name (Bharatiya Mudra ebong Bankinger Itihas) History of Indian Currency and Banking. The first part of this book contains the issue of currency problem. This twelfth section is the new name of the old book.

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The testimony of Dr. Ambedkar, who testified before the Commission that the Royal Commission came to India to monitor the Indian economy in 1924-25, is also compiled in the twelfth volume. In addition, Dr. Ambedkar’s composition and review on various unpublished economics gave special importance to this committee.
Like other sections, the Bengali synonyms have been used in the translation of this section as far as possible. Thanks cannot be given to the translators and to all those who contributed publicly without the approval. Dr. Ambedkar Foundation’s directors must express their gratitude to God for their help in publishing this invaluable section.
Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Government of India, appeared in the 12th volume. And B.R. Ambedkar did not restrict himself to the struggle to establish the rights of Dalit communities in India. He is also known as an educator, historian and economist. At present, the identity of his economic thoughts has exploded. In this volume, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar brings out the historical details of the events through which currency exchange rates are determined. I am very happy to know that the 12th edition of Ambedkar’s Works Compilation is being published in Bengal named as Ambedkar Rachana Sambhar.

We have already published Dr. Ambedkar Rachana Sambhar volume 11 on this website. You can easily read and collect the Volume 12 as PDF from this page.

Ambedkar Rachana Sambhar Vol-12

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