Bangla Mangal Kavyer Itihas by Ashutosh Bhattacharya

Bangla Mangal Kavyer Itihas by Ashutosh Bhattacharya.

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Bangla Mangal Kavyer Itihas by Ashutosh Bhattacharya.

Professor Shri Ashutosh Bhattacharya has written the book Bangla Mangal Kavyer Itihas.
Shri Ashutosh Bhattacharya, a former professor of Bengali Literature at the University of Calcutta and Head of the Department of Indian Languages ​​and Literature, wrote History of Bengali Mangal Kavya (Bangla Mangal Kavyer Itihas) based on ancient literature Mangal Kavya.

Among other works of ancient literature is the creation of Mangal Kavya. The series of these works is not very clear, although not completely unknown to the reader. In ancient times, the author has tried to portray how Bengali literature has become rich and prosperous in the struggle and harmony of religious revolution and communal religion. At that time, Shiva Mangal Shivaayan of Shaiba community, Chandi Mangal and Kalika Mangal of Shakta community, Dharma Mangal of the hidden Buddhist community, Manasa Mangal Kavya on the occasion of cosmic deity, Shitala Mangal, Basuli Mangal, Ray Mangal, and other works including classical works and genre. Writers are the bis of poetry and fiction Trta identity has been recorded.

This author’s history of Bengali goodness can be said to be an important publication in Bengali literature. This book attempts to highlight some of the new pathways that have been discovered.
Although no specific role can be seen in ancient Bengali literature, the author has tried to describe in this book beautifully.
This book was added by Ramananda Jyoti’s Chandi Mangal, which was stored in the British Museum. No book has been found in our country. A researcher copied the bibliography from the British Museum in London, wrote a dissertation and obtained a PhD from the University of Calcutta. This Chandi Mangal Kavya is composed by a monk. One thing to notice is how Chandi Mangal’s domestic life juices were portrayed in the eyes of a monk. This book has been discussed in detail.
Again, according to the Chandi Mangal poetry (Kavya) of Mukundaram Chakravarty, a new path is found and it is important for various reasons. The book was given to one of his disciples by Swami Satyananda Maharaj, the founder of the siuri Ramakrishna Ashram.
The author Ashutosh Bhattacharya brings out various discussions of Mangal Kavya beautifully. So we have given a PDF file of this book on this web page. You can read and collect from here.

Bangla Mangal Kavyer Itihas PDF

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