Manasa Mangal Kavya of Ketakadas Kshemananda Edited by Basanta Ranjan Roy

This is a rare Manasa Mangal Kavya created by poet Ketakadas Kshemananda, edited by Basanta Ranjan Roy.
The pages of the book – 90,
Book format – PDF,
Author of book – Poet Ketakadas Kshemananda.

Manasa Mangal Kavya Edited by Basanta Ranjan Roy.

For many reasons, the ideals of ancient texts have become increasingly scarce. Some time ago, Shri Shiva Chandra Sill wrote in the role of Gobinda Chandra’s geet that there was a classic book, Manasa Parable or Bhasan of Ketakananda Das and Kshemananda Das but it has disappeared now.
But after receiving this book, it can be said that the book of Manasa Mangal was not completely abolished. In search of ancient manuscripts, a book of Mansa Mangal Kavya was found from the village of Lata-Pabra in Manbhum district in India. After reading and discussing this book by some researchers, the ideals of Khemananda Manasa Mangal are known or developed. Because this book is complete in nine verses. All the terms are associated with the euphemism. At present, the books of Kheymananda Mansa Mangal, which are prevalent, have no resemblance to another books.

Another feature of this book is that the entire book is written in Devanagari letters. The language of Ketakadas Kshemananda is simple, beautiful and concise. We have ideally accepted the above-mentioned book.
In this web page we have highlighted some of the essence of the essays in the book.
In Champanagar, a merchant named Chandradhar or Chandrabhavanama lived. He was a devotee of Shiva but loved to rely on his own power, ignoring the power of God.
As a result, there was a heated dispute with Shiv Mayarupini Padma Devi for some time. After some time, Chand Sadagar, with six sons, sailed on a trade route to Singhal for trade and after twelve years of business there he returned with six major trades.
Bishahori came to the streets in disguise and visited to Sadagar and requested him to worship. But he worships too far away, with which he expels him with contempt. As a result, ‘the curse of poisoning’ submerged six large trades and treasures, including Sadagar and his sons. The bargain and grinding of merchant have no limit. Finally, after returning to Champanagar, the youngest child, Lakhindar’s face, recovered somewhat.
He then immediate arranged the son’s marriage to Behula, daughter of Sahu of Ujaninagar and the marriage was completed. But who violated the rules, his son Lakhindar died at the wedding party.

We have found that the Mangal Kavya mainly are divided into three parts. Manasa Mangal, Chandi Mangal and Dharma Mangal.
There is so many poets written the mangal Kavya in there own angles, but the important poets of Manasa Mangal Kavya are Vijay Gupta, Narayan Dev and Ketaka Das Khemananda.
The important poets of Dharma Mangal Kavya are Rupam Chakraborty and Mayur Bhatta and the important poets of Chandi Mangal Kavya are Manik Dutta and Mukundaram Chakraborty.
Manasa Mangal kavya now including in University syllabuses and research work of European study circle. The notable researchers and authors are T W Clark, Ralph W Nicholas, Toni K. Stewart, Client Seely, Edward C, Dimock etc.
This rare Manasa Mangal Kavya, edited by Basanta Ranjan Roy, can be collected in great difficulty. This rare ebook visited by worldmets book lovers. So read the bibliography and make your comments.
The PDF file of this Manasa Mangal Kavya is given below, which you can read and collect from here.

Manasa Mangal Kavya pdf.

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