Bhalobasar Mukh by Ashapurna Devi ebook pdf

Bhalobasar Mukh by Ashapurna Devi ebook pdf.

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Bhalobasar Mukh by Ashapurna Devi

The famous Bengali story Bhalobasar Mukh by Ashapurna Devi.

Ashapurna Devi was a prominent writer of Bengal. This book Bhalobasar Mukh was published from Calcutta.
Ashapurna was a goddess, novelist short story writer and child literary. She was Born at Pataldanga of North Kolkata on Friday, 8 January 1909. His ancestral home was in Begampur village of Hugli district. His father was Harendranath Gupta and Sarala Sundari Devi. Many popular novels, stories were published in popular newspapers of the era.

In the twentieth century Bengali life, especially the life of ordinary women and the image of humanity was the main object of his writing. In his personal life, he was always a mother or father in his house, full inadequacy of western literature and philosophy. He is the author of one and a half thousand short stories and more than 250 novels.
He was honored with a number of literary awards including civilian honor, honorific honorary degrees and honorary doctoral degrees in different universities, although she did not study in any college or university. who did not get education in traditional education. But literary reading was the only realization of his life. Political ideology was hardly a British anti-British and swadeshi.

The short story work is to keep the momentum uncovered that touch the heart of the reader, a sympathy will awaken. After following the short story, I can write a short story of my love, I will not be happy, but if the success of the construction is the joy of creating little. Hope this book will be appreciated by the reader community.
Her some famous books are Balaygras, Majarumama, Ganjer Manush, Pratham Pratishruti, Nijaswa Ramani, Ashapurna Devir Panchasti Priya Galpa, Ahalya Uddhar, Chaturdola, Chhutite Chhotachhuti,Chaturdola, Srishtichhara, Subarnalata, Balir Niche, Galpo Samagra etc..

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Bhalobasar Mukh ebook pdf.
Book Format- PDF

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