Bhanga Bangla O Bangla Sahitya by Ashru Kumar Sikdar

Bhanga Bangla O Bangla Sahitya by Ashru Kumar Sikdar.

Broken Bengali and Bengali Literature – Ashru kumar Sikdar.

Bhanga Bangla O Bangla Sahitya (Broken Bangla and Bangla Literature) has written by Professor Ashru Kumar Sikdar. The book was first published in December, 2000 in Kolkata. The author Professor Ashru kumar Sikdar was the Chief Professor of Bengali Department of North Bengal University.
He was originally from Bangladesh. His original home was in Kushtia district of present Bangladesh. But before his partition, his father had come to Darjeeling district for work, so he and his family did not have to suffer the devastation of partition.
The author wrote it clearly in the face of the book, reading his history of the countryside, reading the literature, creative literature and listening to the direct experiences of many relatives and friends, his intense love for these people awakened. In this regard, the author feels that he, too, has left the soil on his parents’ hands in Bengal, and this seems to be the author’s book. This book is composed of four factual essays.
He has received considerable support from the Professor Sanjay Roy and Sheikh Rahim Mandal of University of North Bengal and the Tania Gupta and Ranjit Mitra of the University Library. Besides, some of his grateful students also helped him a lot in writing this book.
All of the essays in this book are self-contained. That is why the same words have been repeated many times, but no attempt has been made to remove them, because then the articles would have destroyed the current structure.
The first essay of this book was published by author Ashru kumar Sikder in a reputed journal before the publication of this book, and he read the second essay at the Nehru Children’s Museum on May 22, 2005 as a memorable speech.
The third essay was authored by Mubla’s editor, Shubhumi Sarkar, and the last article was published in Rabibarasiya of Anand Bazar Patrika.
This essay is not written in Bengali literature, but Urdu is a novel, but since the novel is involved in the history of the Partition of Bengal, this essay is compiled with three other compositions.

  • The main four articles in this book are: –
    Broken Country, Broken People, Dumb Bangla literature.
    We and them in the story of the broken Bengal.
    Speak of an unknown Bengali.
    I killed people.

Writer Professor Ashru kumar Sikdar has assisted many books while composing the book.
Broken Country, Broken People, Boba Bangla Literature – The essay has two parts. Part of that is the Partition of Bengal.
The divided of Bengal was mainly due to the Partition of Bengal in 1947, with millions of Hindus leaving East Bengal and migrating to India, and how West Bengal writers and Bengali Literature were not written or written in response to the catastrophic disaster.

An Unknown Bengali Own Speech has emerged in a village in Barisal district of Bangladesh, and the issue of evacuation and a small town called Kishorganj in Mymensingh district. Various details of how the poison of sectarianism has spread to the heart of society at the center of that city.

Other books of Asru Kumar Sikdar
Rabindranatye Rupantar
Prabandha Sangkalan edited by him.

The author does not attempt to portray any miracle in this book, but he has apparently tried to portray some real life pictures. Therefore, this book has become the story of a depressed, exploited, deprived life mourner with a realistic picture, rather than a story.
Therefore, if you want to read the stories of the people who are desperate to divide Bengal, this Bhanga Bangla O Bangla Sahitya book must be read.
The link to the PDF file of this famous book is given below this page: You can easily collect or read it from here.

Bhanga Bangla O Bangla Sahitya pdf

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