Adhunik Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritya by Asit kr Bandyopadhyay PDF

Adhunik Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritya by Asit kumar Bandyopadhyay PDF.

Book – Adhunik Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritya,
Athor – Asitkumar Bandyopadhyay,
Book Pages – 300,
Book Format – PDF,

Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay has written a short history of modern Bengali literature (Adhunik Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritya).

Millions of riches of Bengali mind, soul and sense of humor have sent modern Bengali literature in the direction of innovative development. The full form of the human process, similar to that of other provincial literatures in India, has not been seen for a long time.
From the beginning of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century, Bengali literature has been in the place of world literature for a total of one hundred and fifty years. The influence of Western literature has been a similar feature in the 150-year history of modern Bengali literature. From the nineteenth century onwards, the form, style and content of Bengali literature began to change. In this book, the author has clearly described the history of the ups and downs of various aspects of Bengali literature.
Bangladesh underwent a similar phenomenon of the European Renaissance in the nineteenth century in a moderate and compressed environment. Earlier, in the sixteenth century, with the advent of Chaitanya Deva, the desire to be reborn in the minds of Bengalis was expressed. Literary life style, religion, education and philosophy were looking for new paths.

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This new path can also be adopted as the eternal path. During the Sultanate period, the Bengalis forgot the knowledge, practices, scriptures and the dualistic philosophy of South India and the ancestral legacy of winning the liberation of love. The divine life of Chaitanyadev was the first to assimilate him and inspire him to examine the old resources with new eyes. By the practice of love and devotion, the difference between human religion and religion was removed. Therefore, on the one hand, the gross, immobile consciousness of the Bengalis was able to leave the geographical narrowness and realize the heartbeat of Greater India, on the other hand, his mentality also changed completely. As a result of the re-practice of Vaishnava Goswamis on Sanskrit scriptures, devotional theories, etc., Bengalis came to know the forgotten ancient culture. He saw it in a new light.

This fancy change of life and literature of the sixteenth century Bengalis is therefore known as “Chaitanya-Renaissance“. Although there is no similarity between the European Renaissance and the Chaitanya Renaissance, there are some similarities between the two ideologies and attitudes.

The awakening of Bengali mind in the nineteenth century and the unprecedented change in Bengali literature is known to modern sociologists as the nineteenth century renaissance.
Author Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay has beautifully presented various aspects of Bengali literature, life and culture of Bengalis, geographical boundaries and situation in this book and new version of Bangla Sahityer Sampurna Itibritta. There is no doubt that this book will be considered as an invaluable resource for those who are particularly interested in researching Bengali literature and learning about Bengali literature.
So the PDF file of the book is given on this web page for the readers to read and collect the book easily.

Adhunik Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritya PDF file.

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