Prachin Bangla Sahityer Itihas by Tamonash Ch Dasgupta PDF

Prachin Bangla Sahityer Itihas by Tamonash Chandra Dasgupta PDF.

Book – Prachin Bangla Sahityer Itihas,
Author – Tamonash Ch Dasgupta,
Book Pages – 820,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 22 MB,

Prachin Bangla Sahityer Itihas by Tamonash Chandra Dasgupta.

The book Prachin Bangla Sahityer Itihas (History of Ancient Bengali Literature) has been written by Dr. Tamonash Chandra Dasgupta.

The author felt that Bengalis were not as aware of ancient Bengali literature as expected. Why or how, it is expressed by the author in his writing.
Modern Bengali Literature This applies to the ancient and modern literature of the inherited word of ancient Bengali literature. In this context, in the context of the discussion of Bengali literature, it is essential to know the continuous history of its origin and nourishment in ancient times.

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Ancient period of Bengali literature from 8th century AD to 18th century AD. How many problems did the ancient age of Bengali literature cause? When did Bengali literature start ?, the vehicle language of literature. So in Bengali language or how old? How large is the size of Bangladesh and the people here speak all the same Bengali, that is, the Bengali language, at what time the emergence of the Bengali nation began.
There seem to be many such questions. In this book, the author mentions the decision-making power of such questions or problems.

The Bengali language can be said to have originated in the eighth century. And it can be assumed that the development of literature has started from the ninth century AD. After that, Bengali language and literature can be said to be symptomatic of Prakrit and Apabhrangsa languages ​​for some centuries. Even at this time the word ‘Bangala’ or ‘Banga’ was replaced by the word Prakrit and language for a long time. It is difficult to say exactly when the word ‘Banga’ or ‘Bangla’ was used in place of the word ‘Prakrita’ or ‘Language’.
The author has also analyzed the geographical aspect of Bangladesh in a beautiful way in this book. Ethnic and cultural features must be kept in mind in the context of the discussion of ancient Bengali literature. Besides, when discussing this Bengali literature, some more issues are subject to consideration. How much do we know about the ancient inhabitants of the great grand Bangladesh of this East in the very ancient period i.e. in the prehistoric period. What was the full identity of this region in the age of Vedic and later animals, then in the Buddhist and Tantric age, how much news do we have about the inhabitants of this region? In the Buddhist era, Bangladesh belonged to the Maurya Empire in the time of Maurya Emperor Ashoka and his successor Hindu Maurya Emperor Chandragupta, i.e. in the third century BC, and the Bengali language was not born until much is known about Bangladesh at this time. The way in which the Bengali nation had reached the level of unity and solidarity under the influence of Buddhism nurtured by the royal power at this time paved the way for a linguistic unity of Bengal itself.
In this book, the author has skillfully tried to thoroughly and thoroughly discuss the level of Bengali language and race.
He has beautifully presented this book about the national policy of ancient Bengali literature. Ramesh Chandra Dutta and Ramgati Nyaratna were the first to compose a partial history of ancient Bengali literature at a time when there was a great deal of neglect in Bengali literature. Finally, Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sen worked tirelessly to compose a complete history of the ancient Bengali language and literature for the first time. It is an invaluable book as a history of literature. As a result of the publication of this book, many unfamiliar parts of Bengali literature became visible to the public and they became aware of the immense richness of Bengali literature.
Therefore, if you want to know about Bangla language and the scope of Bengali language and Bengali speaking people, you must read this book.

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History of Ancient Bengali Literature PDF.

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