Sri Krishna Samhita by Sri Kedar Nath Dutta

Sri Krishna Samhita by Sri Kedar Nath Dutta.


Name of Book- Sri Krishna Samhita
Book Category – Religious Book
Book forma – PDF
Book Size-10 MB

Sri Krishna Samhita is written by Sri Kedar Nath Dutta.

The author has prepared the religious book Sri Krishna Samhita based on the true meaning of Arya Shastra. Vaishnava theory is the culmination of Aryan religion. Special judgment has been made about that. Shakta, Solar, Ganapathi, Shaiva and Vaishnavism will all judge their own rights in this book. In this book, the ultimate solution of theology will also be found.

Introduction The historical and geographical victory of theology will be judged. The author is trying his best to make the book available to all types of people. The author says that it will be useful as a valuable book for the readers in their search for religious knowledge.

The author of the publication of this book says that after hearing the name Krishna Sanhita, Brajlila did not agree with the book. The more you read with respect, the more you will be able to grasp the unnatural information.

The scriptures are of two kinds, meaningful and meaningful. Meaningful sciences include geography, history, astrology, physics, psychology, ayurveda, microbiology, mathematics, linguistics, music, logic, yoga, theology, penal law, art, weaponry, etc.

That is the meaning of the scripture which specifically expresses the subject and produces the result of the encounter accordingly. Meaning is all that helps each other and ultimately the ultimate fruit that produces the absolute motion form of the soul.

The scripture that discusses the attainment of that ultimate fruit is called the theological scripture. Many transcendental scriptures have been written at home and abroad. In India, sages have written many transcendental texts judging by the transcendence for a long time. Srimad-Bhagavatam is the foremost among them. This book is large, eighteen thousand prominent. In this book, all the theories of the world, heaven, B-heaven, place, sustenance, Manvantar, Isha Kotha, Mukti, Asraya, Nirodh and Riti, these 10 issues are mentioned in the order of judgment, meeting at any place, advice and history and other places. He has been criticized for the theory of shelter.

Asylum theory is mysterious and infinite. Although the theory of shelter is self-evident for living beings, it is difficult for humans to articulate that unnatural theory in its current closed state. This book discusses the nine theories mentioned earlier.

Lastly, it has been said that Bhagavata has explained the traditional religion as an individual religion. This is another name for Vaishnavism.

Many invaluable pieces of information have been beautifully narrated in the great Tantrasara texts and the beautifully translated parts of those narrations have become more acceptable to the readers.

In this regard, in order to make it easily accessible to the readers, we have provided a PDF file of the Sri Krishna Samhita text on this web page, so that the readers can easily collect and read it as per their wishes.

Religious Book Sri Krishna Samhita PDF file.


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