Tarapither Sadhak by Bhabesh Dutta PDF

Tarapither Sadhak by Bhabesh Dutta

The name of story is Tarapither Sadhak,
Type of Book Category: Bengali Story Book,
Written by Bhabesh Dutta,
Book Size- 7MB,
The book format as PDF.

Author Bhabesh Dutta has written the story book of the Tarapither Sadhak.

The author of Tarapither Sadhak story book is about Sadhak Bamakshyapa. This Tarapither Sadhak (devotees of Tarapith) story book is a combination of the full life story of Sri Sri Bamaksyapar, a devotee of Tarapith, and his miraculous events.

When the eldest son of the writer gets lost in an accident, when he gets lost without getting around, what will he do in this situation, where will he go, where will he get some peace in this scorched mind. In this hope, the writer rushed to Tarapith several times at the feet of Ma Tara. He doesn’t know what he got by running again and again, nor can he say what he didn’t get.

The author Bhabesh Dutta has compiled this book by collecting various information about Paramapurusha Bamakshyapa from many learned men by going there again and again. He said that he could not have written this book without his immense faith in Mother Tara and that he would not have been able to compose this book without the infinite mercy of Mother Tara. He said that it is an absolute truth that people all over the country are listening with interest to his divine life. The author has written this story based on his personal life and the information collected.

India is a country of saints. Throughout the ages, devotees have come in different ways to spread the seeds of love in the competition of human minds. That is why the nectar message is playing in our heart-Vrindavan.
“Saranagata – Dinarta Paritran Parayane. Sarva Saathi Devi Devi Narayani Namastute.”

The author hopes that the book will be enjoyed by the innumerable knowledgeable readers of the country. Only then will my efforts be successful. So for that purpose a PDF file of the book was given on this page. You can easily collect the book and read it online from the link given below.

PDF file of Tarapither Sadhak story book.

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