Bangla Sahityer Itihas Volume – 1 PDF by Sukumar Sen

Bangla Sahityer Itihas Vol – 1 by Sukumar Sen.

Name of Book – Bangla Sahityer Itihas Vol – 1,
Author – Sukumar Sen,
Book Format – PDF,
Language – Bengali.
Book pages – 1160,
Book Size – 28 MB,

The first volume of the History of Bengali literature (Bangla Sahityer Itihas) was written by Professor Sukumar Sen.
In this book, he has highlighted various aspects of the creation of literature in Central Indian and ancient Indian Aryan languages ​​in Bengali literature. The national patriot discusses the origin of the name Banga. He discussed the creation of Aryan language and literature in Bangladesh, which will enable the next generation of students to acquire special knowledge about Bengali literature.
He discusses the evolution of Bengali society and the emergence of the modern Bengali nation, as well as the origin and development of Bengali literature. In this book he has given a brief history of different branches of Bengali literature. In this book he gives an autobiography of the poet Krittibas and Maladhar Basu’s Sri Krishna Vijaya and the origin of Mangalkavya, besides he gives a beautiful account of Chandidas and Baru Chandidas.
Author Sukumar Sen has beautifully described various mythological articles of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Ramayana and Vaishnava articles and verses in this book.

The main purpose of the book is to describe the history of Bengali literature as chronologically and objectively as possible. Without underestimating the value of the articles that have already been written on the subject, it can be said that they are all incomplete or subjective.

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Lack of proper understanding of the history of the country is also one of the flaws in the valuable writings of our previous people. Truth be told, the epochs of Buddhism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Islam, etc. in Bangladesh and Bengali literature are absolutely imaginary. Author Sukumar Sen did not follow the book ‘History of English Literature’ in this book. Because in modern East Bengali literature one cannot compare only with the tradition of Khara-Bari-Thor, the liberal dress of English literature and the incomparable richness.
The present book is the first volume in the History of Bengali Literature, written and published in this volume till the middle of the nineteenth century.
In writing the history of Bengali literature, the author says that the achievements of the previous scholars are remarkable, because he has inspired them enough to write in this book. Ishwar Chandra Gupta, Harimohan Mukherjee, Ramgati Nayaratna, Harprasad Shastri, Dinesh Chandra Sen, Ramendrasundar Trivedi, Nagendranath, Ambikacharan Gupta, Ambikacharan Brahmachari, Ishan Chandra Bose, Rajnikanth Chakraborty. Krishna Goswami, Abdul Karim, Madhusudan Adhikari, Tarkeshwar Bhattacharya, Basanta Kumar Chattopadhyay, Sunitikumar Chattopadhyay, Harekrishna Mukherjee and others have contributed a lot in composing this book. Author Sukumar Sen was inspired by Rabindranath Tagore to write this book and he gave a valuable opinion about this book, which he mentioned in this book.

The book History of Bengali Literature will be of special benefit to those who are researching and publishing Bengali literature and studying Bengali literature. So we have given the PDF file of that book on the page of this website. You can easily read and collect the book from the pages of our website.

Below is the link to the PDF file of the book History of Bengali Literature.

Bangla Sahityer Itihas PDF file.

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