Thousand and one Nights – Arabian Nights Entertainments by Crosby and Nichols PDF

The Thousand and one Nights or The Arabian Nights Entertainments.

 Date of Publishing : 1864
Publisher : Crosby and Nichols.
Book Format- PDF.

Thousand and one Nights or The Arabian Nights Entertainments pdf

Kosrouschah caused his much injured wife to be set at libertv and having informed her of all that happened, he ordered their children to be introduced to her. These events made the poor sultaness some amends for her long and dismal confinement. The persistence of the sultan was inexpressible, and the rejoicings which followed all over the kingdom, showed that the people were highly interested in a discovery, which was so satisfactory to their sovereign.

The suitan of the Indies could not but admire the memory of his sultaness, who had now for a thousand and one nights, entertained him with these agreeable stories. Her beauty, her courage, her patriotism in exposing her life to his unreasonable revenge, had long since obtained for her the possession of his heart. He determined to renounce a vow so unworthy of him ; and summoning his council, he declared to them his resolution, and ordered the sultaness to be considered as the deliverer of the many virgins, who, but for her, would have been sacrificed to his unjust resentment.

The news of his happy event soon spread abroad, and gained the charming Scheherazade the blessings of all the large empire of the Indies.


This discourse of the bird excited a variety of passions in the breast of the sultan ; pity for his unhappy consort, rage against her vile sisters, wonder at the strange and singular means of discovering their guilt, by turns possessed him. All these ideas soon gave way, for a time, to the feeiings of paternal love; he embraced the princes and their sister, with the utmost tenderness : and with tears of joy, owned them for his children, and heirs of his crown. When the sultan returned to his palace, he gave orders for the disters of the sultaness to be brought before him. As so many years had pas-sod over without suspicion, these women had long thought themselves secure, and rejoiced in the success of their malicious wickedness.

They were astonished at being charged with crimes, which could not have been discovered now by any ordinary means. Their guilt and terror confounded them ; they made ample confession; and the sultan ordered them immediately to be put to death.

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Thousand and one Nights – Arabian Nights Entertainments.

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