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Sera Dashti Upanyas by Shaktipada Rajguru.

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Prominent Bengali writer and author Shri Shaktipada Rajguru is a well known name in the world of Bengali literature. He has been relentlessly pursuing literature for over 50 years. He has seen life – people very closely. For him, he has wandered sometimes in the deep forests of the Sundarban, sometimes in the remote forests of Sarandar, sometimes in the forested tea gardens of the Tarai region, and sometimes in the dark abyss of coal mining and across the country.

His literature has highlighted the various aspects of life and their problems and the various aspects of those different people, so the literature he has written has become lively and colorful.

Author Shaktipada Rajguru has established his literature in a special way with these many diverse experiences. That is why many successful internationally acclaimed films like Meghe Dhaka Tara, Kumari Mann, Amanush, Anusandhan and Annay-Avichar have been developed based on those stories. He was born on 1st February, 1922 in Gopibandi, Bankura district of West Bengal. His early schooling started was at Pusthupi TN Institution in Murshidabad, then his bachelor’s degree from the University of Calcutta.

He was written the first novel Din Guli on 1945. He was awarded with Bibhuti Bhushan for literacy excellence and all India lions award for best screenplay of Amanush.

His some other famous books are
Bhangagarar Pala
Mani Begam

This is a collection of ten novels written by him about the problems and joys and sorrows of life, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the tea garden, sometimes in the rural life, sometimes in the city.
This collection contains the signatures of Shaktipada Rajguru’s extensive literary works, so a beautiful book was published with these selected novels.
The top ten selected novels in this book are Dandak Theke Marichjhapi, Moner Anginai, Kumari Mon, (Virgin mind), Nil Nirjan (Blue Lonely), Nona Gang, Dharma Sakshi,(Religion-witness), Kathin Thai,(Hard place), Madhu Mas (Honeymoon), Jar Jetha Ghar (Whose house is) and Chaya nat,

Hopefully readers will appreciate the emotional collection of different tastes, different backgrounds and diverse life practices. And that is why we have given below the link of PDF file of ‘Top Ten Novels’ written by author Shaktipada Rajguru famous ten novels on our website.

Click on the link to read and collect the book.



Sera Dashti Upanyas.

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