Tungabhadrar Tire by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay

Tungabhadrar Tire by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay ebook pdf

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The novel Tungabhadrar Tire is written by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay.

Shri Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay is a famous Bengali writer of India. In this novel he has beautifully analyzed the river Tungabhadra in South India.

There is a saying in South India – ‘Bathe in the Ganges – drink the water of the river Tunga’. The water of the river Tungabhadra is like Piyush, dead-life. At the far south end we see two small rivers, one is Tunga and the other is Bhadra. The two rivers meet at some distance from the mountains and flow by taking the name Tungabhadra. The river Tungabhadra is naturally more flowery than Tunga or Bhadra, but we do not hear any mention of its virtue. Tungabhadra is the river of indifference.

The journey of Tungabhadra river is quite long. He started his journey on the western border of India and reached the Bay of Bengal in eastern India. Their long journey is extremely inaccessible, complex and rocky. No companions on the way. Nevertheless, the waves of the Tungabhadra river are playing lonely on the inaccessible path. After crossing more than half of the path, the companion of the river Tungabhadra was found.

The river Krishna is also the daughter of Sajyadri. But his birthplace is far north of Tungabhadra. The two sisters set out for the same sea. The two sisters saw each other on the way and started walking together.Nothing memorable happened in the life of Tungabhadra river.

There were no shrines, temples or monasteries built on its shores, the tumkos of the metropolis were not smashed on its shores, the fortunes of Tungabhadra came only once for two hundred years. On its south bank, a kind of fortified city was built around the opposite stone statues. The name of that city is Vijayanagar. Over time this Vijayanagara spread over all the Deccan. That, of course, is not a matter of days, only of the 6th century. But in the meantime the glorious memory of Vijayanagar was erased from the minds of the people. People have forgotten what a diverse tradition is buried in the vast ruins of Vijayanagar, not just Tungabhadra.

There is no history of the memory of the river Tungabhadra, but on a stagnant evening when the sun went down in the sky but the stars did not appear, at that juncture Krishna and Tungabhadra could be heard standing on the triangular ground and singing. Telling the story of his own past fortunate days. How many difficult mysteries, how many stories of heroism, how much gratitude, betrayal, love, hatred, humor, curiosity will be heard in the story of birth and death.

So today we will take a gondus from the memory stream of Tungabhadra river and drink it.

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