Greek Puran Katha Novel Edited by Sudhanshu Ranjan Ghosh

Greek Puran Katha Novel edited by Sudhanshu Ranjan Ghosh.

The novel Greek Puran Katha (Greek Mythology) edited by Sudhashu Ranjan Ghosh.

The Bangla Rare Books Greek Puran Katha has been translated by Sudhanshu Ranjan Ghosh. Sudhanshuranjan Ghosh is a famous writer of Bengali literature. The Greek mythology novel is basically a mythological novel which is very rare in Bengali literature. The difference between the Greek mythology and the Indian mythology is that the Indian mythology deals only with the birth, deeds and glory of the goddess.

But with the birth of the gods and goddesses of the Greek mythology and the various divine miracles, the heroic deeds and life stories of innumerable human women have been glorified. In Greek mythology, the gods and the human heavens have crossed the boundaries of each other, merged into one whole, and rotated into a larger life cycle.

Greek mythology, therefore, reflected the social system of the mythological period in a way that was not reflected in Indian mythology. In Indian mythology, gods and goddesses appeared and mortals resorted to sages or influential people of the society to propagate and glorify their worship and used people as their necessary tools. There, no individual personality has been able to shine in its own characteristics. Only in the Padma Purana is it seen that Chand Saudagar has engaged in a direct struggle against the incomparable municipal provisions and has highlighted his unique personality in a rare glory.

In the early Greek mythology, the birth story of the god Zeus and other gods and goddesses is described in terms of form and character. Later, the extraordinary masculinity and heroism of the heroic heroes like Hercules, Perseus, Theseus and Jason are narrated. But in Greek mythology, the narrative of human life is one of the innumerable stories that have an inviolable effect on destiny. Therefore, it can be seen that no matter how much a person achieves with his arm and intellect, if he is not called lucky or if he does not get divine grace, he will never get the golden crown of ultimate victory or success in life.

The way the goddesses of destiny drafted a plan for the life of a newborn at the time of human birth, no man could go beyond that plan and build his life in a different way. So it is seen that even after hundreds of attempts, the heroic, prudent, intelligent male destiny like Oedipus could not avoid the fate of a certain cursed life. No human being can conquer the invincible invisible force that carries human life forward at a relentless pace through the ups and downs of bizarre events.
The Greek philosophy of life at the time was largely controlled by this destiny, and this destiny was established in its own right by the innumerable motions of human life in nature.

There are countless miraculous and supernatural elements in Greek mythology that can amaze today’s readers. The formal activities that the priests used to tell the enumerators in the various temples of the gods really made us tremble with fear and it is wonderful.

This book is written with various stories of wonderful mythological eras. Some of the stories included in this book are about monster dragons or supernatural beasts. Whenever a person has to do something difficult to get a rare object, these supernatural devices appear in front of him and his ultimate success is far beyond the budget. If those insurmountable obstacles cannot be overcome through the symbol or grace, then the desired object which cannot be achieved by any rare victory.

Reading the Bangla Rare Books will really create a unique excitement for the readers.

Below is the link to the PDF file of the book. You can easily collect and read the book as you wish from the page of our website.

Greek Puran Katha PDF.

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