Vidyasagar Rachanabali Vol-1 by Asit Kr Bandyopadhyay PDF

Vidyasagar Rachanabali Vol-1 by Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay PDF

Book – Vidyasagar Rachanabali Vol-1 Edited by Debkumar Basu
Edited by – Debkumar Basu
An introduction by – Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 17 MB,
Book Pages – 500,

Vidyasagar Rachanabali Vol-1 edited by Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay

Vidyasagar Rachanabali Vol- I edited by Debkumar Basu PDF.

Vidyasagar Rachanabali Vol- I edited by Debkumar Basu and with an introduction by Sri Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay, a noted writer of Bengali literature. Everyone will agree that Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar is the father of Bengali prose. But in some cases it is seen that many people wanted to give this glory to Rammohan Roy.

From the beginning of the 19th century, a few prose articles and anecdotal books were written and published at Fort William College to teach Bengali to English civilians. This is true and before this no book on stories written in Bengali prose was written, nor was any book of essays written. All the prose examples found from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century follow roughly the Sadhu language in style and diction, though not in terms of literary quality.

Who is the father of Bengali prose?

Nineteenth century Bangladesh produced a few powerhouses whose blessings we are still enjoying today. It is not that the Gaudabanga of the pre-modern era did not have the appearance of a person of extraordinary talent. But in the same century the mind-sky of the whole country was never filled with fruitful possibilities like this. The names of Rammohan Roy, Ishwar chandra Vidyasagar, Madhusudan Dutta, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Swami Vivekananda have been considered as the seed mantras of the liberation of Bengali life. Among them, again Vidyasagar stands alone in the vast wilderness like a solitary Devadram.

It seems that its beauty is the beauty of a mountain. In fact, in other times, we would have thought of him as a mockery of God. It is a matter of problem how the height of Nagadhiraj and the vastness of the sea can shelter a character in a place where the plains of Bangladesh are far away from Erandsabha and the sea is almost invisible.

When Vidyasagar was died?

Ishwar chandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891) is such an amazing personality, which seems almost unbelievable today. Rabindranath expressed that dismay and said, “Sometimes there are such surprising exceptions to God’s rule, it is difficult to say why two or one people suddenly turn up where Vishwakarma used to build four crore Bengalis”. One wonders whence this small and slender person, that strange exception of God, got so much love, so much mercy, so much knowledge, so much virility – so great a humanity’s merciless blessings at the same time. So today he is Punyaslok, Adinpunya, so today his life story has become a proverb from home to home in Bengal.

“Who will infuse new life into the corpses of this dead nation in this great crematorium of cremated India?” Acharya Ramendra Sundar asked the question. Vidyasagar’s character philosophy, reform-free Nimoh vision, self-assured logic and human love will impart life. His vast, varied, eventful biography is not the object of our present discussion. The main discussion here is about his books and other works and the relationship of his works with Bengali language and Bengali literature.

Why is Vidyasagar famous for?

Later in 1847 when Vidyasagar’s Betal Panchabinsati was published, Sahitya Rassikta prose was first established. It should be noted that even though Rammohan Ray’s Bengali prose was used as a vehicle for everyone’s work, there was no opportunity to create interest in it, although it could very well solve the legal debate. It has been seen that the clean form of sadhu language gradually emerged as a prominent style in the writings of many during Rammohan’s time. It can also be seen that during the time of Rammohan and before the advent of Vidyasagar, Bengali prose became quite popular in the educated society.

When was the first printed book Betal Panchabinsati of Vidyasagar?

From Vidyasagar’s first printed book ‘Betal Panchabinsati’, the beauty of Bengali prose can be seen. Vidyasagar’s true literary talent in prose and his contribution to the formation of Bengali prose is beautifully presented in this book. So this book sent by students became a unique book and is still in demand today.

Therefore, the PDF file of the book is provided on this web page for the readers, researchers and students. Readers, students and researchers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Vidyasagar Rachanabali Vol – I book PDF file

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