Indira Duradarshini by Nikhil Sen PDF

Indira Duradarshini by Nikhil Sen Bengali Biographical Books PDF.

Name of the book – Indira Duradarshini,
Authors Name – Nikhil Sen,
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Indira Duradarshini by Nikhil Sen

Writer Nikhil Sen wrote the biographical book Indira Duradarshini.

On February 15, 1972, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi personally presented the New India in a huge rally held at Kingsway Camp in North Delhi. – ‘The day is not far off when India will be marked as a great nation on the map of Puthi. I don’t know if I will be alive that day. Maybe some of you won’t either. But I can say with certainty that our successors will see a new face of India before them. He is nominated for the best seat in the Indian Parliament. Not by military force, but by the principles of peace and harmony, he will advance on the path of victory’.

Although this rally was a pre-election speech. election campaign However, the Pak-India fourteen-day war not only marked a huge victory for the Indian Army in water-land-space, but also proved the superiority of the Indian political leadership. of Mrs. Gandhi’s skillful ‘statesmanship’. Indo-Pak war has given India new confidence. New confidence.

Those who were going to transform Bangladesh and East Pakistan into another Vietnam of Southeast Asia, Mrs. Gandhi gave them that trouble and thwarted them. In South-East Asia and in Asia as a whole, India assumed a new status – the role of a great power. And the pioneer of India’s progress was Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi – ‘Bharat Ratna’. Indira Gandhi was not only a visionary but also a visionary.

What is the great slogan of Indira Gandhi?

Among the three women Prime Ministers of the world today – Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Golda Meir of Israel, Mrs. Gandhi of India, our Prime Minister is the leader of the world’s largest democracy and holds an important role.

Not only outside, but also indoors. He is also uncontested in his party’s Congress organization. After being elected Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi soon realized that the popularity of the Congress as a party was waning among the masses. The ground is slipping from the feet of the Congress. Congress is increasingly alienated from the masses. The general elections of 1967 also saw that, although the Congress won a majority at the Centre, the influence of the Congress in various states declined.

Anti-Congress governments were formed in many states. Congress needs new demands to revive it. He has to be redecorated. Youth should be brought under the wing of Congress. Unwanted ones should be selectively eliminated. On the path of socialism, the current of progress must be steered by the firm hand of the Congress.

What was Indira Gandhi biggest achievement?

Therefore, Mrs. Indira Gandhi drafted the socialist program. But the leaders of the Syndicate group of the National Congress strongly opposed the preparation of the draft by Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi and the leaders of the Syndicate group of the Congress began to have an extreme disagreement. And it ended with the split of the Congress party. Indiraji mobilized her followers to implement progressive policies.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi proceeded to dismantle the Lok Sabha and rebuild it. He recommended the abolition of the Lok Sabha. President Shri V. V. Giri ordered the dissolution of the Lok Sabha as recommended by the Prime Minister. Issued interim election orders. In the 1971 Lok Sabha by-election, the Congress party led by Mrs. Indira Gandhi won with a huge majority.

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In 1972, Mrs. Gandhi’s Congress party rose to the top of the state elections. Indiraji understood that in order to keep her promise of ‘poverty eradication’, state-by-state governments like the Center, which believed in democracy, secularism and socialism, were permanent and allied to the Centre.

In an open letter to her electorate, Indiraji appealed:- “We have kept our promise. We have helped to achieve independence for Bangladesh. We have arranged for one crore refugees to return home with dignity and safety. This time we have to fight a bigger battle. This fight is against poverty.”

Who is strongest prime minister of India?

Opposition parties did not hesitate to criticize the Indira government. They did not hesitate to point out that Indiraji’s socialist slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ was just a slogan to mislead the masses. The ruling Congress has resorted to ‘tyranny’ to destroy the country’s democratic movement.

Alleged that in the last twenty-four years after independence, the Congress has been guiding the country on the path of capitalist development. So today there is such a nationwide economic crisis. He complained that the house to house is unemployed, the burden of mining per head is increasing.

But in the face of the ‘Indira wave’, all the complaints and slogans of the opposition parties collapsed. Congress won the election, getting an absolute majority. Unprecedented success. Indiraji’s hands are stronger and more progressive In fact, among the three Prime Ministers of India, Jawaharlal Nehru is a ‘visionary’, Lal Bahadur Shastri is a ‘revisionary’, then Mrs. Indira Gandhi is a televangelist and Duradarshini.

Who is the first woman prime minister of India?

Writer Nikhil Sen has tried to present the outline of Prime Minister Smt. Gandhi’s biography beautifully in this book. And in this work, the author received the most support, cooperation and assistance from Mr. D. Mehra the owner of Rupa, and Honorable Chittaranjan Banerjee, Librarian of the Central Reference Library, Scholar and Calligrapher. The writer was encouraged with various information, material and advice by the famous news editor and literary writer Dakshinaranjan Basu of ‘Yugantar’ daily and his friend Sri Dwijen Nandi, journalist friend Praharaj S. Nanda, Professor Chittaranjan Maiti and many others.

Why she is famous in India?

The author is also grateful to the authorities of the Information Bureau of the Government of India, and particularly to Mr. S. Roy. Some of the photo blocks in this book are courtesy of M/s Academic Publishers. And the manuscript of this book was made by His Highness Sriman Niranjan Mitra and Kalyania Mahua. The chronology of this book is compiled by Niranjan.

When Indira Gandhi died?

Renowned poetess Srimati Radharani Devi has obliged her by allowing her poem ‘Indira Duradarshini’ to be reprinted in this book. Writer Nikhil Sen thanked him a lot for that. Ever since the publication of the biographical book ‘Indira Duradarshini’, all the books have been out of breath. The demand in the reading community increased and many letters of comments started coming to the author. Authors and publishers were forced to reprint this widely read biographical book ‘Indira Duradarshini’.

So for the reading enthusiast students and researchers the PDF file of ‘Indira Duradarshini’ biographical book is provided on this web page. Readers researchers, students all can collect this book from PDF file and read it online.

Indira Duradarshini Biography Book PDF File.

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