Jyotish-Ratnakar by Satishchandra Mukhopadhyay PDF

Jyotish-Ratnakar Astrology Book by Satishchandra Mukhopadhyay PDF. 

Book – Jyotish Ratnakar,
Modifiedor – Satish Chandra Mukhopadhyay,
Book Format – PDF,
Category – Astrology Books,
Book pages – 442,
Book Size – 10 MB,

Jyotish Ratnakar Compiled by Satishchandra Mukhopadhyay

Satishchandra Mukhopadhyay augmented and modified the Astrology Book Jyotish Ratnakar.

Jyotish-Ratnakar is a book on astrology augmented and modified by Satish Chandra Mukhopadhyay and compiled by Upendranath Mukhopadhyay. In this compiled book, the author has beautifully analyzed the essence of all astrology.
Right now, we need to know what astrology is?

Astrology is the study of the scriptures that reveal the position of planets and stars in space, the position of the astrologers, their speed and quality. There are two types of astrology: mathematics-astrology and applied-astrology. Mathematical section describes the shape, nature, quantity, distance, position, distance and their functional phenomena of planets and stars. And from the resultant part comes the determination of the uninterrupted relationship of human-nature with astrology-nature, the judgment of everyday relations, the knowledge of time-conscience and the auspicious auspicious results.
According to the astrologers, this world was in darkness before the creation. Later, through the creation of the new world planets and constellations, the Supreme Lord Surya adopted this definition. Our abode is just one of the interplanetary planets in the solar system visible to Earth. The earth is constantly revolving around the sun in its orbit from the void of the unseen power of Almighty God. The sun is the center of the solar system’s most important planets and world cycle. For eternity the constellations have been stationary and divided into twelve constellations, running parallel to the giant natural path in a circular path.

In the workplace, the earth is gathering in a huge circle of planets and stars in this huge chamber, and in the joint parliament, different forces are being acquired in every art at every moment. Productive favorable and unfavorable HD video The physical energy is generated from it and all the natural and unnatural activities in the world are done due to this cyclic attraction-repulsion communication energy, this is called the cycle of Vidhata.

The sage Muni, the great ancestor of astrologers, created, resulted and improved this perceptual astronomy. Among them, of course, the most memorable ancestors are Maharshi, the traits of Atri, Bhrigu, Parashar, Manu, Garg, and so on. The great three-dimensional philosophers have left an imaginary status by classifying and ruling this unique scripture.
Aryabhata, Bhaskaracharya Brahmihir, Suryasiddhanta, Srinivas, etc., have unique dominance and dominance in astronomy and have pointed in different directions. In this way they have left a lot of fiction and philosophical books. But unfortunately, all those books have been ruined by negligence. Moreover, most of the ancient texts were destroyed in the state revolution. The victorious Javanese kings destroyed many Sanskrit texts by translating many texts into Arabic. Western philosophers have collected translations of these Arabic texts and in its shadow the ancient philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Ptolemy, Bacon etc. emerged. Modern astronomers such as Sanders, Leba, Ritter, Creek, Roebuck, Gregory, etc. became world famous in astronomy and they are teaching astrology today.
The translator has published the translation of this book by collecting the contents of many rare Sanskrit and English texts with great effort. For those who are studying and researching astrology and practicing astrology, this book will be very acceptable.

So for the readers, the PDF file of this Jyotish Ratnakar astrological book is given on this webpage. Astrologers and authors, those who are doing research on astrology can collect the pdf file of this Jyotish Ratnakar astrological book from this page and read it online.

PDF file of the book Jyotish-Ratnakar on astrology.

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