Nilkantha Pakhir Khoje by Atin Bandyopadhyay

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Atin kumar Bandyopadhyay wrote the story book Nilkantha Pakhir Khoje.It was published from Kolkata, India.
He was born on 1934 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Author Atin Kumar Bandopadhyay beautifully portrays the real picture of the time in his book of this story which still touches our minds today. Hopefully readers will enjoy reading this storybook.
He wrote some story books are Shankhachiler Dana, Shamukkhol, Bideshini, Nagna Iswar, Nil Timi, Aloukik Jalajan, Manusher Hahakar, Dui Bharatbarsha, Abad, Apaharan,Tushar Kumari, Amrityu and more.
In this book, the poet Atin Bandyopadhyay gives a beautiful description of real life and village life.
In the story of the Nilkantha Pakhir Khoje, the Isham Chacha, with a large stick in his hand at the end of the night, with a big stick in the dark in the night, tied a turban on his head and left in the cold of the month.
As he walks along the road, there are strange sounds somewhere, he keeps hearing, trying to understand, and in that way there will be night pests, jerks and more.
At one point he lost his way, and after a while he lost his knowledge.
The ‘treasurer’ is passing through that path in his eyes at that moment, but nothing else is seen, the person in the bag becomes frightened and Babu will not go that way.
Dhan Kattababu says let’s see who has power over us, thus with Abhay’s words they start to walk that path again and see a familiar face Ishm uncle.
Seeing that he was unconscious, he rubbed a handkerchief with a handkerchief on the side of the bill and splashed it on his face shortly after the knowledge came back. Then he asked him where you were going.
As the uncle returned to Sambat, he said that I was about to report that you had a burn.
Thus the poet describes a beautiful night deep in this story. We are going to present you a unique beautiful story. Hope readers will find this book a different taste and definitely enjoy it.
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Nilkantha Pakhir Khoje

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