Swami Vivekanander Bani O Rachana Published by Swami Gyanananda

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Swami Vivekanander Bani O Rachana.

The Swami Vivekanander Bani O Rachana has first published on January, 1963.

Swami Vivekananda has lived in this mortuary for only 39 years. His extensive and profound career in public is only 9 years.
At the end of his life of pilgrimage, in 1893 he attended and addresses at the Chicago Religion Assembly, which has called Chikago Speech. After Swamiji’s immense success there, he preached universal spiritual message to America and Europe. Vedanta-propaganda was firmly established in the West and in 1897 he returned to India. He preached the message of the Renaissance from one end of the country to the other.
Then, in 1899, he set sail for the foundation of Sri Ramakrishna Math (Monastery) and Mission. Especially in America he began to preach the liberal spirit of the New Age. He returned in the BelurMath in the end of 1900.
Then his body is tired and his mind is tired. So soon Sri Ramakrishna Math dedicated the mission of the monastery for the welfare of the world. On July 4, 1902, he left his mortal body.
Whatever work he has done in such a short time, the astonished world must look to him for many days. The period of propagation of Swamiji’s message through various compositions is only 5 years (1893 to 1900) and the period of letter writing is slightly higher (1888 to 1902).
But sadly, most of Swamiji’s speeches were not written as expected. Yet many of the speeches was received will forever be regarded as an invaluable asset to human society. His letters and conversations written to many people from different countries are a source of strong thought.

Swami Vivekananda’s Bangla fortnightly magazine Udbodhan (Inauguration) was published in his lifetime. Some of the speeches he made abroad were regularly published in that magazine. Moreover, Brahmavadin and Prabuddha Bharat were published from Madras. His valuable articles, philosophical articles and lectures were also published in various American newspapers.

One hundred years after Swamiji’s birth, the general secretary of SriRamakrishna Math and Mission thought of publishing all those words and letters and all the unpublished lectures and letters received till that time, all together in the form of Centenary-Memorial Books.
He and the present Swamiji held a session with some of the prominent monks and some professors of SriRamakrishna Math to discuss the matter.
The discussion of that session was unanimously decided by Swamiji’s correspondence to be arranged periodically and the lectures and essay dialogues arranged according to the best possible subject, divided into 10 volumes, to be published as Birth Anniversary Memorial from the official Office at Udbodhan in Kolkata.
The first volume of 10 volumes will be published in Swamiji’s Chicago speech by Swami Vivekananda, Karma Yoga, (performance) and Raj Yoga (royalty).
Gyain Yoga (Knowledge Yoga) will be published in the second volume.
Dharma-Darshan will be published in the third volume.
Debbani (Devotional) and Vakti yoga will be published in volume four.
Vivekananda in India and Lectures and Works in the Context of India will be published in the fifth volume.
Swamiji’s basic Bengali essays and papers will be published in sixth volume.
Translations of poems and English poems will be published in the seventh volume. Correspondence and ‘The Greatest Context’ will be published in the eighth volume. In the ninth volume ‘Swami-disciple news’, various persons’ conversations with Swamiji. And the tenth volume will include translations of Swamiji’s various lectures and various articles and lectures published in the book written by Mary Lou Burke.

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Swami Vivekanander Bani O Rachana

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