Geetigunja Bengali Poem and Songs by Atul Prasad Sen PDF

Geetigunja Bengali Poem and Songs Book was written and published by Atul Prasad Sen.

Book name – Geetigunja,
Author- Atul Prasad Sen,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Category –  ebook PDF
Pages – 272,
Number of poem or songs – Near about 200 songs.
Published on – 1932,
Published from Kolkata, India.

Geetigunja Bengali Poem Book by Atul Prasad Sen

Geetigunja Bengali Poem and Songs Book by Atul Prasad Sen ebook PDF

Atul Prasad Sen is a most familiar name in India. He was a popular poet, lawyer and educationist in all Bengali region for his songs. He was born on 20 October, 1871 Magor in South Bikrampur, Bangladesh. He was passing the entrance exam on 1890 and admitted to Presidency College in Kolkata and then he took admission to Law in London. After successfully passing the barrister, he returned to Bengal and opened up law practice in Kolkata and Rangpur. He was died on 26 August, 1934 in Lucknow.

Geetigunja Bengali Songs Book is made into five categories. The five categories are Patriotic, Humanity, Nature, Devotional, Love and others etc. He added a new dimension to Bangla songs and opened the way for further experiments.He used fast paced Hindustani tunes like thumri, Kheyal and Dadra skillfully, and was able to add an element of spontaneity on occasions when the tune has transcended the lyrics. He also pioneered introduction of Ghazals in Bengali Classical based songs of Atul prasad Sen were reflections of his exposure and profound expertise in Indian Classical Music.

The most of Bengali poems are made in songs of Atul prasad sen. The reader and singers can collect and read all poems and songs of Atul prasad sen from this page.


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