Farasi Premik Novel by Taslima Nasrin PDF

Farasi Premik (French Lover) Novel by Taslima Nasrin.

Her most famous novel is Farsi Premik (French Lover).
It was published in 2002.
Size-25 MB.

Farasi Premik (French Lover) Novel by Taslima Nasrin

Farasi Premik Romantic Novel by Taslima Nasrin is a popular writer.

Taslima Nasrin has written a interesting bengali novel named Farsi Premik (French Lover). This novel is most popular in India, Bangladesh and all bengali community peoples. All her written articles are globally famous. She was born on 25 august, 1962 at Moymensing, Bangladesh. She has completed doctors degree from Bangladesh. She is also written lot of story book, novels,essays and short stories. She strongly fight for support for secular humanism, freedom of thought,equality for women. Her most famous novel is Lajja. She had written against Muslim philosophy in this book, so this book has banned by the Bangladesh Government.

She is most popular for her written novels are Tumi Bhalo Theko, Lajja, Ami Bhalo Nai, Farasi Premik, Shodh, Shorom, Priyo Desh, Kichukkhan Thako etc.

Farasi Premik (French Lover) Novel as pdf download from this page below.

Farasi Premik (French Lover) Novel

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