Debloker Jounajiban by Atul Sur PDF

Atul Sur wrote the historical novel Debloker Jounajiban Bengali ebook PDF. 

Book Name – Debloker Jounajiban,
Category – Historical Book,
Author – Atul Sur,
Book Pages – 162,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 3 MB,

Atul Sur Wrote Novel Debloker JounaJiban

Atul Sur wrote the bengali historical novel Debloker Jounajiban.

Author Atul Sur has written the historical book Debloker Jounajiban. He was a famous novelist, economist, historian, ethnographer and author of Bengali literature. He has beautifully expressed the various aspects of the development of Indian civilization in his writings, which are very important to the people of India and researchers. He was, in fact, an economist, but he also had a profound knowledge of history, sociology, numerology, anthropology, and so on. He has researched various aspects of the development of Indian civilization. His dissertation Man in India was first published.

He won first place in the first class in History and Culture and Anthropology of India from Calcutta University and received the Gold Medal. In 1928 he obtained a DSC degree in Economics. At the urging of Sir Marshall, the head of the Archaeological Survey of India, he visited Mohenjo-Daro and discovered a great deal of information about Indian civilization. He was a professor at the Indian Institute of Management for a long time and was a financial adviser at the Calcutta Stock Exchange for 34 years. He has written many articles under his pseudonym ‘Yam’. He was Professor of Economics at Calcutta University for more than ten years.

The author has written about 154 books on Atul Sur Economics History and various topics. Besides writing in Bengali, he has also written many books in English. Notable among his writings on society and history are Bharater Bibaher Itihas (History of Marriage in India), Bangla and Bangali, 18 shataker Bangla and Bangali (Bengali and Bengali of Eighteenth Century), 14 Shatake Bangali (Bangali in14th Century), Banglar Samajik Itihas (Social History of Bengal) etc.

Apart from writing Bengali books, he has also written many books on society and history in English, such as Dynamics of Synthesizing in Hindu Culture, History and Culture of India, History and Culture of Indian People, Folk Element in Bengali Life, etc. He has written some stories and novels such as Two Hundred Years of Bengali Printing, Pramila Prasanga, Devlok’s Sex Life, Kaler Karcha (Written in Chandrabati Pseudonym), How We Are 50 Years of Independence, Takar Bazar (Money Market), Two Hundred Years of Bengali Printing, Bengali Ethnic Identity, Hindu Civilization Ethnographic Language, Forms and Contributions of Indus Civilization, History of Marriage in India, Movies of Calcutta, Capital Market of India, Kolkata: A Complete History etc.

Atul Sur was born on August 5, 1904 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He had an extraordinary memory. he could never forget anything once he had read it. he could say it without seeing it for a long time. In 1921 he passed matriculation from Vidyasagar Vidyalaya, Calcutta. He got ninety-nine marks out of one hundred in history. He graduated from Scottish Church College. Atul Sur passed away on January 2, 1999 at the age of 94.

He wrote an article entitled Debloker Jounajiban (Debloks Sex Llife) to be published in the autumn issue of the first Anandabazar magazine. That was 1338 BS. After it was published in the autumn issue of Anandabazar, it created a special stir among the readers. He received letters of commendation from countless readers. Many requested that the article be reprinted. The author also publishes a book entitled sex life of deblok, adding a few more articles of the same genre as well as the article entitled Debloker Jounajiban.

From the very beginning, people have been worshiping the gods as the supreme beings and gods sent by God. That is why, no one is engaged in any hair-raising analysis of their faults and shortcomings. As great men, they are gods endowed with all virtues. They have always devoted themselves to the welfare of the people, so the trust and confidence of the people towards them has been going on forever. In a word, the book Debloker JounaJiban is another historical book.

That is why the PDF file of the book Debloker Jounajiban is given on the page of this website. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page, and read it online if you want.

PDF file of Debloker Jounajiban historical book.

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