Attharo Shataker Bangla O Bangali by Atul Sur PDF

Attharo Shataker Bangla O Bangali by Atul Sur PDF. 

Book Name – Attharo Shataker Bangla O Bangali, (Bengali and Bengal of the Eighteenth Century),
Category – Historical Book,
Author – Atul Sur,
Book Pages – 162,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 5 MB,

Attharo Shataker Bangla O Bangali by Atul Sur

Atul Sur wrote the historical book Attharo Shataker Bangla O Bangali.

Author Atul Sur has written the historical book Attharo Shataker Bangla O Bangali (Bengal and Bengali of the Eighteenth Century). The eighteenth century was a time of fragmentation. A turning point in history. There is a lot to know and write about Bengali and Bengali of this century. The author Atul Sur beautifully describes the public life of the eighteenth century in this book. He has analyzed the evolution of Bengal and the rise and fall of the Bengali nation. In this book, the author has shed light on the rural life style of Bengal.

Chiyattorer Monnontor (Bengal Famine in 1176 BS) is known as the worst famine in the history of Bengal. This famine occurred in 1176 BS (1770 AD) so it is called Chiyattorer Monnontor. The Chiyattorer Monnontor (Bengal Famine in 1176 BS) ‘, the tumult of the Bargis, the various accounts of the English domination and the unspeakable oppression of Bengali social life, Warren Hastings and the establishment of his empire, the permanent settlement, etc., are beautifully analyzed; – Which will be very warmly received by the readers and hopefully the readers will be aware of all the above by reading the book.

Moreover, in literature, he has analyzed public life, education and scholarly society, monasteries, temples and mosques, study of scriptures, literary pursuits and music practice, etc. At the same time, he has beautifully presented various details of the movement of Bengali prose literature at that time. This book gives a brief overview on how the rulers of Bengal at that time ruled and what effect it had on the public life of Bengal.

Murshid Quli Khan is one of the main heroes of the state history of Bengal at the beginning of the eighteenth century. In 1700 AD, Emperor Aurangzeb appointed him as  Dewan of Bengal. Dhaka was then the capital of Bengal. Murshid Quli Khan noticed various errors and omissions in the revenue department of Bengal. He used to send one crore rupees every year for pleasing Emperor Aurangzeb. But it is known from the history of Bengal at that time that he started exploiting Bengal to please the emperor and to establish his position. He has reviewed it beautifully in this book.

With the publication of this book written by a historical writer Atul Sur, it was highly appreciated by the readers of Bengal. So thinking about the readers, the PDF file of this book is given on this web page. Readers, students, researchers of Bengali literature and all will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

PDF file of the historical book Attharo Shataker Bangla O Bangali (Bengali and Bengal of the Eighteenth Century).

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