Sanchita Poetry Book by Kazi Nazrul Islam PDF

Sanchita Poetry Book by Kazi Nazrul Islam PDF.

Book – Sanchita,
Author – Kazi Nazrul Islam,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 4 MB,

Sanchita Poetry Book by Kazi Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote the poetry book Sanchita pdf.

Kazi Nazrul Islam is a wonderful genius and rebellious poet in the history of Bengali literature. The country then fell into the grip of subjugation and the countrymen were oppressed, oppressed, exploited and humiliated. Nazrul Islam wrote many poems, plays and novels at that time. He devoted himself spiritually and through his writings to the struggle to free the people of the country from the shackles of subjugation.

He had a rebellious attitude towards British rule from the very beginning. From that attitude arose his famous poem Rebel. That is why the countrymen have called him a rebellious poet. He came to the forefront of the literary world in his struggle to free the people of Bengal from the shackles of superstition and subjugation. He did not stop writing short stories and poems. He also wrote a lot of songs himself.

He was born on 25 May 1896 in the village of Churulia in Burdwan district. Father Kazi Fakir Ahmed and mother’s name is Zaheda Khatun. He has written many story poems under the pseudonyms of Dukhu Mia and Premila Devi. His notable works include Nazrul Geeti, Agniveena, Bandhanhara, Bisher-Bashi etc.

Although he was born in West Bengal, India, the government of Bangladesh has recognized him as the national poet of their country. This is a rare instance in the history of the world. He has been suffering from incurable deafness since July 28, 1942 and has been under house arrest ever since. He died on 29 August 1967 in Dhaka. He was buried next to the mosque of Dhaka University.

In this Sanchita Kavya, various images of deep benevolence and social change of the rebellious poet are revealed.

There is no doubt that this Sanchita poetry book will be accepted as a unique book by the readers of Bengali literature in Bangladesh, West Bengal and all over the world. So the PDF file of Sanchita Kavyagrantha is given on this webpage.

Readers can easily collect the PDF file of Sanchita Kavyagrantha from this webpage and also read it online.

Sanchita poetry book PDF file of Kazi Nazrul Islam.

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