Maa (Mother) Novel by Maxim Gorky PDF

Maa (Mother) Bengali Novel by Maxim Gorky PDF.

Novel – Mother (Maa),
Author – Russian novelist Maxim Gorky,
Language – Russian, translated in Bengali,
Book Format – PDF,

Maa (Mother) Novel by Maxim Gorky

The Mother (Maa) of author Maxim Gorky translated in bengali by Bimal Sen, Molina Devi, Boris Bialik, Puspamoyee Basu, Satya Gupta and many writers and collect in Hindi.

The mother of a timeless novel of world famous world literature. This famous novel was written by Russian novelist Maxim Gorky. Maxim Gorky’s real name was Alexei Maximovich Peshkov. According to many, socialist realism originated in art and literature at the beginning of the last century through the novel Mother.

Mother (Maa) was Maxim Gorky’s most notable novel. As soon as it was published, it became a novel of a new genre and was able to attract the admiration of the readers. The novel has been widely acclaimed by readers of novels not only in Russia but all over the world.

The Russian novel Mother (Maa), written by Maxim Gorky, is based on real events. Anna Kirilvana Jalombova and Pittar Jalombova are the main characters in the novel Mother. At the instigation of Pelagya Nilvana and Pavelvlasab, Maxim Gorky regularly sent money to the family of Zvalomov. The volcano continued its movement in the midst of many hardships. Thus, Pitattar Jalomba, an ordinary soldier of the revolution, came forward to make the first day of May a success.

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That was in 1902. Gorky’s novel once became a historical document. So the novel is based on the fact that the author gives it an art form by rubbing it a lot. And at the base of the book, new life, new heroes and new situations appear in the pen of the master. The result was a broad and generalized picture of the life and struggle of the Russian working class on the eve of the 1905 revolution.

The author goes on to say in this text that the path of the Russian Revolution was difficult and complicated. But that was the only reliable way. That is the path to the future. The mother established the working class as the leader of the struggle for the future. This novel is about the working class who came down to realize their great ideals. This book is also for the working class. In this they saw all their qualifications and still insufficient political and ideological maturity.

Mother’s novelist Gorky’s moral outlook is reflected in the portrayal of his protagonist, Nilvana. The book is indebted to this character, to this ordinary working mother for her name. At the beginning of the book she was no different from hundreds of other mothers. They all suffer from overwork in the factory, drunken fights, and a dubious existence in their own family.

The revolutionary struggle is told in the novel Maa. How he learns to purify his home in the process of struggle changes the inside of man, his spiritual rebirth takes place. The question of this revival of man has been the subject of intense philosophical and intense debate. While Dostoevsky feared that the revolutionary struggle would intensify the animosity of the people, Gorky showed that it was only in the revolutionary struggle that man could purify himself from all his brutality and selfishness.

There were two main themes in author Gorky’s work that complemented each other. In order to reveal the deepest secret of his worldview, his gaze towards reality. The man who engages his own destiny with the destiny of the people, with the reconstruction of reality, the context of his revival, and the man who seeks to disassociate himself from the people, seeks to hide his self-vengeful personality from the turbulent flow of history. If the first theme is best illustrated in the novel Mother, then the second theme is conveyed through a bunch of Gorky’s writings and finds its wider comprehensiveness in his final work, the four volume epic The Life of Klim Samgin.

March 28, 1968 marks the centenary of Gorky’s birth. He is still at the center of the progress of world literature, and even today the people of the world are putting his literature at the forefront.

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MAA (Mother) Bengali Novel PDF.

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