Bibaha Dot Com by Banani Sikdar PDF

Bibaha Dot Com by Banani Sikdar PDF

Name of Book – Bibaha Dot Com,
Name of Author – Banani Sikdar,
Genre – Bengali Romantic Novel,
Book Pages – 191,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 1 MB,

Bibaha Dot com written by Banani Sikdar

Banani Sikdar wrote the novel Bibaha Dot Com based on real events.

This romantic novel Bibaha Dot Com written by writer Banani Sikdar is very realistic and certainly commendable in terms of the disorderly and careless lifestyle of youth/young women in today’s society. The current undisciplined youth has a burden to reckon with. A healthy civil society will never accept their uncoordinated movement on the street or in the park. Although this novel is based on true events.

We see Rupa and Sandeep as the main characters in this novel. They are introduced on the Bengali Matrimony website. Both Rupa and Sandeep are married. Rupa is a divorced girl and has a daughter. Sandeep is the father of a 23-year-old daughter, who is also awaiting divorce. Rupa has no husband and Sandeep has no wife.

Who wrote the Bengali Romantic Novel Bibaha Dot Com?

Both of them have established themselves in future life and healthy living in present society by getting education and getting job. But their married life is incomplete. Within a few days, their beautiful family crumbled like a house of cards due to a lack of understanding. No one wants to understand anyone. It has become almost impossible for them to move smoothly. Their husband-wife relationship broke up within a few days. Apart from understanding and trust between husband and wife, physical relationship has a significant place.

Writer Banani Sikdar wanted to make this novel a fictional novel. But he could not, this novel was a piece of life and remained close to the border of reality. Starting from the main male and female characters of the novel, many other characters have emerged from reality. Most of the characters are friends of the author. So he thanked them. For allowing them to write freely about the facts of their lives and other matters and they are the ones who have encouraged the writer to write.

Writer Banani Sikdar’s brilliant writing makes this romantic novel more poignant. The book will surely become heartwarming for the readers. And they will love reading too. So the pdf file of the book is given on the page, the readers can collect the pdf file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Bibaha Dot Com PDF file

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