Andhokare Bhalobasa by Banani Sikdar PDF

Andhokare Bhalobasa by Banani Sikdar Bengali Novel PDF

Book – Andhokare Bhalobasa,
Author – Written by Banani Sikdar,
Genre – Bengali Romantic Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 3 MB,
Book Pages – 195,

Andhokare Bhalobasa by Banani Sikdar

Banani Sikdar wrote the Bengali Romantic Novel Andhokare Bhalobasa

Banani Sikdar is an outstanding writer of contemporary Bengali literature. There is great variety in her writings and she has portrayed the complex characters of human life at every moment with extraordinary skill. The novel Andhokare Bhalobasa is one such book which gives the reader a sense of excitement while reading it.

The fast paced variety of characters he writes attracts the readers. And once you start reading her book, you don’t leave it unfinished. Readers, writers and literary people have repeatedly discussed and positively criticized his various books. The book we are presenting on this web page today is called Andhokare Bhalobasa (Love in the Dark). This is probably her fifth novel. The novel is written very sincerely. Very carefully written.

Who wrote the Bengali Romantic Novel ‘Bibaha Dot Com’?

The hero of this novel is a young man named Tamosh who is in middle age. His family life was not yet. Unmarried in personal life and her novel revolves around a girl named Urmi. Tamosh falls deeply in love with a married woman. It introduced a variation in the story. Usually the writers write the love story of young girl with young man. In this novel, a middle-aged young man is attracted to a middle-aged young woman, and the relationship develops. And that middle-aged girl named Urmi is the heroine of this novel, she is married. Despite this, the depth of the relationship with him, it has deeply surprised, attracted and amazed us and the reading society.

What is the similarity of civil life in his writings?

Civic life is present in his writings. Her characters are also driven by civic modern values and in her writings this urbanization, middle class lifestyle of the middle class people is depicted again and again in her writings which has attracted readers like us, writers time and again.

The Romantic novel written by her Andhokare Bhalobasa deeply inspires, enlivens and tears the reading society. A writer’s inner urges and outer experiences are transformed into writing. External experiences, own life experiences and inner spiritual yearnings combine – writings become lively, stories, novels are formed. Readers become intimate with those texts.

Readers are unknowingly engrossed while reading her novels. Wants to find harmony with the life of himself and the people close to him. Sometimes it coincides, sometimes it seems that it will coincide with their lives at some point. In this way the readers become one with the lively writing. One such writer is Banani Sikdar. Her published books have enthralled the reading public, deeply attracted them.

Where was born the Writer Banani Sikdar?

Her notable novels are Samoy Tomar Haat Dare, Bibaha Dot Com, Pipasa Jakhan, Bastbar Adale, Mahaplaban and Rili. Her novels are written for adults. The author’s collection of short stories is not true, readers are repeatedly surprised. Readers yearn for incompleteness as they read the stories. It makes the readers more interested in the next story. She was born at Balurghat in the state of west Bengal.

We believe that more variety will come in the writings of writer Banani Sikdar and will make the modern life a moving, flowing life in her writings. We are determined to be by her side. Therefore, the PDF file of the heart touching novel Andhokare Bhalobasa written by the highly skilled writer Banani Sikdar is given on this web page. Readers can collect the pdf file of this remarkable modern novel book from this web page and read it online.

Andhokare Bhalobasa PDF file.

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