Pipasa Jakhan by Banani Sikdar PDF

Pipasa Jakhan by Banani Sikdar Bengali Romantic Novel PDF.

Book – Pipasa Jakhan,
Author – Banani Sikdar,
Genre – Bengali Romantic Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 238,
PDF Size – 1 MB,

Pipasa Jakhan by Banani Sikdar

Banani Sikdar wrote the romantic novel Pipasa Jakhan.

Banani Sikdar is a modern writer with extraordinary skills in Bengali literature. Her writings have an extraordinary variety and a cycle of intricate relationships. She has portrayed the complex characters of human life at every moment with extraordinary skill in her various written books. Modern writer Banani Sikdar’s tense thriller ‘Pipasa Jakhan’ is one such wonderful romantic novel. In this novel the author has brought out a wonderful indomitable courage and the cycle of strange and jeweled relationships of middle-class Bengali life.

A female character emerges as the main character in the novel Pipasa Jakhan. That young woman is romantically tied to several men. Because of that, she sometimes had to suffer the blows of a masked relationship. She could never imagine what had happened in her life. Thus the experience of broken family life makes him think. Life comes with a strong buzz. Her notable works are Bibaha Dot Com, Samay Tomar Haat Dhore, Rili, Bastaber Arale, Andhakare Bhalobasa and Chhato Galpa.

where author Banani Sikdar was born?

Another strange story of her family. Her mother married another man. She is another horrible stepfather. It is this stepfather who becomes the mastermind behind her destiny. The reality of adolescence and young adulthood suddenly becomes extremely difficult. The author has brought out the real story of the girl’s strange life and experience in this novel Pipasa Jakhan.

The girl’s name is ‘Abhigyata’, only twenty years old, at this time her romance develops with Shubhadeep. Subhadeep is married. He wants is love for her body only. He had this kind of love with another girl before. Author Banani Sikdar’s novel thus proceeds on a more and more complex path.

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This modern romantic novel Pipasa Jakhan has already occupied a place in the minds of the readers. We believe that once this novel is started, no reader will want to leave it until the end. Readers must contact the author if they want to collect the hard copy of the romantic novel book.

Readers you can buy the romantic novel Pipasa Jakhan book online. The PDF file of the book is provided on this web page for the readers to know something about the book in advance. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Pipasa Jakhan modern romantic novel PDF file.

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